Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in review

in review

It actually was quite interesting to retrieve all the art I created in 2015 and put them in one place.   I hadn't realized I had created so many pieces.  Memories surfaced as I recalled the stories behind each piece and the smiles offered up for my Smile Project.

One thing I know for certain is the role that each and everyone of you fulfill on this creative journey of mine.  Little or big your role is significant and appreciated.

It's not always easy being an artist.  Most times my ego fear-based doubtful mind wants me to believe that making a living as an artist will never work.  This is something I cannot nor will not ever give up on.  I truly believe that I am doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing.  I, also, believe that I have only just begun.  That day in August 2011 that asked God/The Universe to show me if there was something else I was suppose to be doing with my life and I took a pencil and paper and drew a face.  Well that was the beginning.  I had absolutely no idea I could draw.  My creative journey began on that day.

I thank you from the depth of my heart for your continued support, encouragement, and words of motivation.  You've listened to me.  You've raise me up when I felt discouraged.  You've given me the courage to continue to put one foot in front of the other.

I'm looking forward to what 2016 will bring.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What my word for 2016 means to me

After much thought, I have chosen my word for 2016.

  *to wait for
  *to endure without yielding
  *to bear patiently
  *to accept without objection
  *to remain stable or fixed in a state

My intentions for this year is to combine goal setting skills in conjunction with the spiritual aspect of why I create art.  Lately, in my daily meditations I have taken stock of my life.   I have come to this concrete understanding.  

There was a time in my life that I would have considered myself to be an extreme goal setter.  I had many lists going and working those lists all at the same time.  I loved the things I accomplished and the energy I generated.  My general idea of life shifted when I moved to Flagstaff, AZ in 1996.  It was then I became aware of the spiritual aspects of life.  I had never before experienced the peace and tranquility, admittedly with a little trepidation, too, that came with surrendering all outcomes, yet knowing everything is happening exactly the way it is suppose to happen.  After having the privilege to practice living in that space, for a little over a year, my life shifted, again.   I found myself and my life right smack in the middle of what I would call the unknown.  So much negative shit kept wanting to reside in my head and my heart.  My saving grace became the firm belief that everything is happening exactly the way it is suppose to happen.  With this strong belief I was able to pick myself up from my boot straps, put one foot in front of the other, and move on.  I remember briefly thinking this was going to be the time that I could combine my goal setting techniques and spiritual learnings together.  I moved to Illinois, not knowing a sole, and my new life began.  

Fast forward... I really never implemented the concept of combining my goal setting techniques in together with my spiritual learnings.   What I actually should say is it has taken me this long to realize the value of combining the two.  I am ready!!!

To abide has to do with the concept of 'being' instead of 'doing'.  Setting goals, working a plan, overcoming resistance, daily to-do-lists are all important.  However,  if I am doing these things just because I am  suppose to, or I am doing them in our own strength, I will not have victory or peace and I will miss out in having an intimate relationship with my Higher Power/God/The Universe/Providence/or whatever name you prefer.  That pivotal day in August 2011 that I sat down at my desk and drew, every fiber in me clearly knew it was a gift from God.  I am forever grateful for this gift. Thank You-Thank You-Thank You!   I will continue to create art from my heart because that is where my spirit resides.  Yet, also knowing this is how I will be earning a living I am implementing goal setting techniques.   As I set my goals and do the action oriented tasks required I will remember to wait for/endure without yielding/bear patiently/accept without objection/remain stable in the outcomes.  All the while believing everything is happening exactly the way it is suppose to happen.

Thanks for your continued support.
I couldn't do this without you!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Surrender your dreams

Late yesterday afternoon I was in my studio feeling like I wanted to play a little.  I pulled out a pile of paper that I had used as a place to experiment different products.  I now use them as an inspirational starting point.  This background is  Dr. Martins Hydrus watercolors. As I was looking at it I saw this face peering thru.  She is a hidden visitor just waiting for me. 
I began to bring her to life then 2 more visitor showed themselves to me.  
The top one looks like a partial face with the eyes closed and the bottom left looks like a little girl. 
I'll be honest... this kind of stuff creeps me out a little, in a good way.
I decided to stop for the night and finish this in the morning.
Well...... my creative muse had other plans.  Needless to say, I couldn't sleep so I got out of bed and finished her in the wee hours of the morning.  I added details, toned down some of the brightness, finished the girl, then incorporated my latest favorite quote from Oprah.
She was DONE.  Now I can go to sleep.
I am grateful for divine guidance because 
when I follow I feel there is more depth to what I am creating.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Etsy Shop is open

Are you looking for a unique and good-priced ($21.00) gift for someone? I just reopened my Etsy shop and I have placed my "Nuggets of Inspirations" there.   They are ready to ship today.

I have been taking them wherever I go and when people see them they want one. Just like I hope you will! smile emoticon 

All proceeds will be applied toward an official art table for my studio so I can finally get rid of the secretarial desk. So... when you purchase a nugget or maybe two, it's a win-win. 
      #1. You will be getting a unique and good priced gift 
      #2. You are helping me out. 
      #3. Flat rate shipping for one item no matter where in the US and only $6.00 for any quantity more 
            than one no matter where in the US.

I am totally grateful for your support,
because of you I can do what I am doing!


Monday, December 14, 2015

It's the climb

Last week when I heard Zach sing this song on The Voice tears streamed down my face and I got chills throughout my entire body. The words touched me deeply, especially the beginning. Every time I have watched this video or listened to the song since then I have felt the same way. 

I don't think there will ever be proper words to describe what this creative journey means to me.  It isn't just about putting paint on canvas.   If I had to come up with a word I guess I would say "profound" maybe even "spiritual" and these words alone don't really do it justice.  I can say with every fiber in me I am totally convinced I am doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing.  Yet at the same time, I don't know why.

August 29, 2011 I felt there was more to life than what I was living.  (my life was good, I just felt like there was more)  I softly and silently asked to be shown what I was suppose to be doing.    For reasons,  I can't explain,  I proceeded to pick up a pencil and a sheet of paper and I drew a face. 


I explained... OMGoodness...I can draw! 

I stepped onto my creative path on that day.  I have been traveling it ever since.  Sometimes steadily and sometimes slowly.  Where it's going to take me I have no clue.  To be honest with you, there are times the "not knowing" scares me.  

As the song says... "I can almost see it.  That dream I'm dreaming, but there's a voice inside my head saying you'll never reach it.  Every step I'm taking, every move I make, feels lost with no direction, my faith is shaking.  ButI've gotta keep trying,  gotta keep my head held high. Keep on moving - Keep climbing - Keep the faith."

Thank You for your support and encouragement.
It helps me to keep climbing!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Preparing for 2016

I am preparing for 2016 and all the intentions I am setting.  I see this as the year that I define myself as an artist.  The first order of business  was to get rid of all the "stuff" (all fun stuff) that no longer reflected the artistic vision I have for myself.  I began to clearing out my studio.  It took me almost 5 full days to sort thru and box up everything that I haven't used in a very long time.   There was a lot of stuff there.

I started clearing things out with a lot of enthusiasm and optimism, quite excited about what was "just around the corner" and how I was going to be the artist I have dreamt of being. Yet as the process continued the second guessing crept in.  I started going thru the piles and pulling out a little here and a little there, before I knew it I had a pile of things I wanted to keep. That's when I knew I had to stop what I was doing and have a talk with myself.  I sat with it, I asked for divine guidance, I journaled about it.  I am grateful that I now understand.  Even though all this stuff is materialistic it also represents a part of who I am and by getting rid of it I was letting go of part of me, who I used to be.  I sighed a big relief.  I thanked all the paper, ribbon, glue dots, and glitter for being a big part of creative life and then I was able to let it go.  I have a friend who owns a Creative Art Center, Gallery, Artisan Market called Nido BiancoHeather has classes called Gather and Create (check out her classes), she happily took the art supplies.   

I'm looking orward to the next phase.  Keep watching to see how it all unfolds.  
I am forever grateful for your support and encouragement.  I am totally aware that I couldn't do this without YOU!

P.S.  For those of you who know me well... don't worry... I did save sone of the glitter!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Free Spirit

This morning after meditation I had a deep-seated revelation.  I came to understand the value of trusting.  As I look deep within I can see that as a child is when I began not to trust.  I didn't know what is was then or even as I continued to live my life.  Yet, in hindsight, it all makes sense.  I can now start to see where this has played a role in my adult life.  I may look like a pillar  of steel or like I have it all together yet the truth is I don't.  I am just like you.  Sometimes strong, sometimes not so strong.  Sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

I have been asking the Universe/God to open my heart.  I know that it is time to rid myself of this protective shield I have built around me.  With that comes many moments of hearty laughter along with moments of tears.  Hell, I find myself tearing up at commercials on TV.    I have shed many tears while watching The Voice as I see those people achieving their dreams.  In those times when I would cry in public I know that I have felt  awkward, even apologetic.  Now I am see instead of feeling shame I should be utterly grateful.

A couple weeks ago I went to a Speak Easy.  A tent folded card was placed on our chair and there was a word on the inside for us to speak about or pass speaking all together.  Before I even looked inside I had already determined not to say anything because I felt uncomfortable (afraid).   Right before it was my turn I opened my card to see the word TRUST.  The flood gates opened, tears began flooding down my face.  Between sobs I was able to utter out what the word TRUST had meant to me in that moment.  Yes, I was a little embarrassed but I felt I was in a safe place.  I felt even more comforted when the woman next to me gently put her hand on my shoulder and softly said she was the one who cried the week before.

When I was in my forties was a time that could say that I trusting.  I believed in my purpose.  I was challenging myself and doing things I once thought I couldn't.  Stepping outside my comfort zone(s).  OK, admittedly sometimes being forced out.  Challenging myself.  It was a time that I took chances, believing with all my heart that everything was going to be OK.  And you know what... it was OK.  I look now at myself with understanding a renewed conviction.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Coptic Stitch class December 5, 2015

This is an ideal gift for anyone, particularly the person who seems to have everything.
 I've even made them for my GRANDkids, this way I get to have their drawings all in one place.  When they come over they want to see their book.  To me...this is an optimal way to build confidence.

I Lheart emoticonVE these journals/books and I Lheart emoticonVE teaching this class. 

I am making it extremely affordable for you to come make one with us. It will be you and no more than 5 other women sitting around my kitchen table, enjoying the company, and creating your own custom journal. Come create with us!

To Register:  
Send me an email I will respond with more details.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

If Only...

If Only... is a statement often made.
On the days I work in my studio I have certain rituals that I follow.
I smudge my space with white sage as I say an affirmation prayer.
There are days when I know and feel that I am being robotic, just going thru the motions.
Then there are those days that every action and every word uttered comes from the core of my being.
That's what happened when I/we created this piece.

When I surrender to the process of creating art, from my heart,  
And allow myself to be guided by a Higher Power.
I am rewarded in ways that cannot be measured by dollar signs.
To me...this is why I am an artist.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

If a woodpecker comes knocking

For the past week or so we've had a red headed woodpecker come, every day, sit outside our kitchen window clinging to the brick siding and then deliberately fly into the window multiple times. There was no rhyme or reason to it.  We thought it peculiar!  I tried to capture some pictures but this is the only one that turned out.

This past Monday morning I began to take this little guy and the visits a more seriously.  Now the woodpecker went from being peculiar to being mystical.

Lately I  have been doing a lot of reading and thinking about life.  The deeper meaning of life, the guidance we get from our soul,  a synchronicity  that will occur pointing us in certain directions, all of these things and many more.   One of the key elements is to be quiet enough to listen and hear these subtle messages.  I began to wander if the woodpecker was indeed a messenger.

Excitedly I went to the internet to see what I could learn about the meaning of a red-headed woodpecker and came across this.   I earnestly heard these messages.  I am grateful that I listened and followed thru to learn more.

By the way...I haven't seen the woodpecker anymore since Monday.

If Woodpecker has come knocking…

It is time to really pay attention because opportunity has come knocking along with it. It is signaling you that great changes are happening in your life and it is up to you to seize the moment. Whether it is the renewal of an old project, the finishing of a new project or simply a serendipitous meeting with someone in your life.  Whatever way you perceive it know that the door is wide open for you right now and that success is your for the asking.
When I hear the woodpecker knocking, I think of opportunity. You know the old saying "when opportunity knocks, answer the door." That's precisely what I'm driving at here. 
Woodpeckers are extremely opportunistic themselves.  Each tree is a door, revealing tender morsels of food (grubs and ants are their favorites). Other trees will yield against their beak-hammering to provide great mansions for their young.
When the woodpecker comes tapping into our awareness, it's also a signal to use our heads. Just as the woodpecker uses its head (beak) to hammer out solutions (food, shelter), we too can use our intellect in finding solutions to our own barriers.

The symbolic meaning of woodpeckers also point to a need for creative vision. Being opportunistic, woodpeckers can see value everywhere, even in dead trees. Have you ditched an idea or given up on a project? The woodpecker may be trying to tell you to breathe new life into your project, just as they build new homes into dead trees.

Further, the symbolic meaning of woodpecker indicates a return to our roots, or having trust in our basic (gut) feelings. Dr. Carl Jung observed the woodpecker as a symbol of a return to the womb of creativity. In this observation the tree is symbolic of a womb; earthy, grounded, sturdy and secure. The woodpecker's home within the tree is analogous of a fierce determination to return and protect that which is sacred to us. 

When this bird comes pecking, it is a call for us to return to our roots, back to the womb of our ideas and use our intellect and discernment to follow through with our plans.
This analogy is doubly profound in the case of red-headed woodpeckers as the color red is associated with the root chakra. Prime, protective energy. Another clear sign for being aware of our core impulses, and our basic beliefs.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Did you know?

I started hosting a blog in December 2012, titled   Regretfully, I have been remiss in the upkeep of this site.  I was temporarily detoured.  This site holds a very special place in my heart.   My intention was/is  to have a place to share stories, to recognize, and celebrate people who creatively bloomed later in life.   I know for certain  there are many creative people out there who have stories to tell that are inspiring and uplifting.   Just like, I know for certain there are people reading these stories who want to step out of their comfort zone(s) and start creating, too. Your story just may be the one to help them take that step.  But... we will never know unless you tell your story.

According to Wikepedia, " a late blooming adult is a person who does not discover their talents and abilities until later than normally expected".  I certainly fit into that category.  Notice the definition doesn't give an age.  Why?   Because your age  isn't the determining factor.   I didn't know that I could paint or draw until I was 58 yrs. old.   With encouragement from others, all I had to do was take that first step out of my comfort zone.  Now there is no stopping me.  I am filled with gratitude for taking those first steps.
 I am re-committing to share these stories.
Let me tell yours and add you to this vase.
It's easy.

Write an article (approx. 3 paragraphs) tell me:
  • Why and when you became a creative Late Bloomer
  • What is your passion
  • Provide me with links where people can go to learn more about you.
  • Send me photos of you and your art or whatever for me to add

Monday, October 12, 2015

She's off my easel.

Last week Friday I did a extremely quick charcoal sketch before I ended my work day in my studio.
Needless to say she stared at me all weekend while she rested on my easel.
I would occasionally talk to her.
I even waved at her.
I couldn't take her staring at me any longer.
So... this morning I appealed to my creative spirit for her helping hand.
The deal was if she told me what to do, I would do it.
No questions asked.
It was kinda tough because my ego mind wanted to critique and make changes
 but I held true to our agreement.
After all, a deal is a deal.
Now she's done.
She's happy.
She's off my easel.  Whew!
Now I'm off to go outside and draw.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I got an email, yesterday, from the Naperville Fine Art Gallery telling me that my other piece of art hanging in their gallery had been sold.  Wanna know how excited I was?  Crazy excited!  Two pieces sold within 2 weeks.
HaPpY DaNcE!!!  HaPpY DaNcE!!! 
This is music to any artists ears!
Since I've been traveling this creative path...I have felt more alive.  I NEVER knew that I could paint or draw until I sat down with a piece of paper on the table, a pencil in my hand, and timidly began.
When I write and you read any exciting news it isn't intended to be boastful.  I am just celebrating out loud.  This path I'm on has it's share of dark times when my resilience it tested.  Those times you will rarely hear me talk about.  Why?  Because I don't want to draw to much attention to something I don't want to have hang around.  I sit with it, sometimes feel sorry for myself, I question why am I doing this.   I have always get to the point where I have enough and I am ready to move on.  I learn what I was supposed to learn.  When I regain myself I come back with more drive than I had before.

I can't express enough how valuable your
continued support and encouragement means to me.
Thank You ~ Thank You ~ Thank You
for being there!

Monday, September 21, 2015


I answered a call for artist to an upcoming show at a local gallery and my goal is to submit 2 pieces.  The theme is "Belonging".

"Belonging evokes a sense of inherent connectedness...either to a particular family, tribe, community, or the cosmos.  There's a certain deep're a member, you're related, share the same beliefs, same vision...there is a bond."

As I strode into my studio this morning my intention was to begin creating my first piece.  Let me fast forward...............after a long while, I was coming up blank, nothing, nada, and quite frankly getting rather pissed off.  I thought, "their description speaks my language, why can't I come up with any ideas???".   It was then that it dawned on me that my ego had been in charge, not my heart.  I knew it was time for me to walk away.  That is exactly what I did.

When I returned to my studio it was definitely with a new frame of mind.  I invoked my creative spirit for guidance.  The next thing I knew I was gluing book text onto a 9x12 watercolor paper, adding clear gesso to the top, following with a  fumage technique.  I noticed on the left side of the paper, from the fumage, was the beginning of what looked like a ladies hat.  And off me & my creative spirit went, sketching with a graphite pencil. The next thing I knew is that the piece was done, excluding highlights and shadows.  There will be no critiquing or second guessing this piece for perfection.  It simply is what it is.  As far as I know, right now, the only change will be in the flower.  I think I will do that in oil so it pops.  I took the drawing outside and burned the edges.  Next I will be rusting nails and to tack the paper onto wood.
I release attachment of all outcomes knowing the response will be to it's highest intention.  
With quite expectancy, I let it be.  
And so it is.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

you just never know when Santa will show up!

This past week end I was in the Art on the Prairie art show in Warrenville, IL.  It marked my 2nd outdoor show ever. (excluding the annual shows I have in my yard)  It was such a gratifying experience!  As an artist I spend most of my days in my studio alone, creating art.  I love the time in my studio and I love being alone with myself.  BUT... I'M LOVING even more being out there meeting and talking with people.  What was unveiled, as I paid closer attention, was that each and every person I came in contact with was another soul in human form.  They were more than just people.  Sounds kinda crazy, doesn't it?  I realize that I will not be able to fluently explain what I mean so I won't even try.  Just know that the connections I made were richer than just chatting with someone else with a name.   It's one of the most valued treasures I receive from being an artist.  The catalyst for an unbelievable opportunity to connect. My whole experience this weekend was joyful!

On the fun side... their was music playing most of the day and I couldn't resist tapping my feet and moving to the music.  There was a lady in the tent across from me I noticed was doing the same thing, so I went over, clasped her hand, and we jitter bugged.  Pure entertainment, right there.

The icing on the cake was the delightful way I met Santa Claus.  Bill and Mary Hughes came into my tent because Mary couldn't resist buying this one particular piece of art.  Bill noticed I was from Naperville and he proceeded to tell me he had taught school there but now he was retired.   Me, being the curious sort,  asked him what he was doing now that he has retired.  He told me he worked at a golf course maintaining their landscape.   I sheepishly said, "You look like Santa Claus."

Imagine my surprise when he reached into his pocket and pulled out his business card. I was blown away!!!

Santa and Mrs. Claus was at my tent.  I am so elated that I have been a "Good Girl" this year, so far.

I could not have asked for a better ending to my extraordinary time at the Art on the Prairie.  
Thank You Bill and Mary for the light you shine from your spirits and the broad smile you put on my face that day.  

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