Wednesday, November 27, 2019


I just finished painting a 16x 20 portrait of my friend's (Alix) daughter, Jessica.
Jessie is such a loving and beautiful soul from the inside out.  
When I saw the photo Alix had taken of her I felt it deep within to paint her.
I wanted to capture her beauty and emit emotions as well.
Intimidating - HELL YES!!!
Yet I am learning to trust and follow the inner urgings.
So that is exactly what I did... I began.

Little did I know how cathartic it would actually end up being. 

I am so grateful, everyday, for the gift given to me to create art.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Temporary Art Studio on the Beach in Mexico

John and I just returned from  Mexico where we enjoyed the beach, sand, sunshine, and fantastic oceans sounds.  
The serenity was beyond words.
I made it my intention to draw on the beach everyday.  I believe I only missed one day and that was because we were in transition from one place to another.

I set up my temporary art studio on the beach.
Sitting on a lawn chair with a folded towel as my table top.  

 Here's are the drawings I did while I was there.  
My intention was to practice adding hands to my art to elevate the story within the art.    


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