Tuesday, December 2, 2014

where did I create today?

Thank You
Thank You 
Thank You to everyone who is ordering art journals as gifts from me.  It means alot that you are supporting me in making my dream come true.  Plus you are getting a unique gift for someone special at an affordable price.  That is a WIN-WIN situation.   For those of you who don't know what the heck I am talking about here is my little advertisement.  There is still time to get your order in

I woke up this morning with this insatiable urge to take myself and my business of making art out into the world.  I was aware that at the top of my list was to get at least 2 journals stitched today.  So I packed up my supplies and headed to Jo & Doh! Donuts & Cafe.  I can tell this is the beginning of something grand.  Just imagine... a traveling art studio.

Where in Naperville is Teresa creating art today?  

I ordered a hot chocolate and in addition to that I got a brief lesson from the young man that served me about Latte Art.  He beamed with enthusiasm when he expressed that he wants to be able to do this.  I knew I was at the right place.
I sat down at a table, pulled out my supplies, and started stitching away.  The hot chocolate was soothing on this brisk morning, the soft music playing in the background comforted me all the while the yummy looking pastries were calling my name but I ignored them.  I'll give in to them the next time I visit.

I can't begin to describe how pleasurable it was to be at Jo & Doh! Donuts & Cafe. I wished I had taken more journals to bind so I could have stayed longer.  I spoke with Trena, one of the owners, and she welcomed me back anytime.  And you know what... I will take her up on that offer.
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