Saturday, December 28, 2013

completing unfinished projects

I am starting to feel a weight being lifted as I progress into completing my unfinished projects before the new year rolls in.  I am clearing the way for new adventures in 2014.  

When I create art and I have excess paint left over on my brush or whatever I put it in 1 of 2 places.  I have white craft paper on top of my desk that collects some paint.  I later will use this as wrapping paper.  It's actually quite cute!
I take the extra paint and randomly apply it on a piece of 7x12 mixed media paper that I have prepped with gesso.  My idea was always to complete each sheet later on.  So I set forth my intention to finish them before the end of this year.  Well.... I have met my goal.  Here they are.  They started from excess paint and I used them to try to techniques, too.  I discovered when I painted these there was no fear about "making a mistake".  In fact, it was quite liberating.  I think I will continue with these in 2014.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

it all began with a old cabinet door

A couple weeks ago I set an intention to finish projects I have started.  I just finished this one and wanted to share it with you.   It may need some tweaking so I'll hang in within view and eyeball it to see what else, if anything, needs to be done.
Honestly, I am very excited with the end result!!!  I was a happy girl the whole while I worked on it.  There was so much attention to details rendered to this piece.  It all began with the foundation being an old cabinet door, this set the tone for what would later unfold.  The door measures 13.5" x 20.5".  I know I wanted to create something with a "vintage" feel to it.  Having the background as joint compound,  I textured then applied multiple layers of acrylic paint.  It's impossible to  appreciate the layers in this photo.   The vase is made from small apple sauce containers (go figure!)  that I cut in half, adhered together, then started adding layers of light molding paste.  I wanted the surface to appear aged and I believe I achieved that.  In sections of the vase it even looks cracked.  Yay!  Oh the lovely flowers... they are pieces of a doily that I cut up and shaped.  They turned out awesome!  I painted them with Pan Pastels because I wanted the color to be subtle and allow the original color of the doily to show thru.  I had chalk dust all over me when I was done but oh what joy it was!  
Magical things can happen 
when you let your creative spirit out to play!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

sitting on the fence

Have you ever been sitting on a fence waiting to make a decision?  
A decision you even knew the answer yet for some reason chose to still sit on the fence?

One of my FAVORITE artist, Donna Downey, is offering an
on-line course titled 48 weeks.  I highly encourage you to click on the link and read what she feels about her on-line class.  For several years she has been posting Inspiration Wednesdays, where she does pages in her art journal, most of the time she doesn't know what she will be ding when she begins.  The Inspiration Wednesdays are free.  Go see if her style resonates with you.  She was the first person I started following because I love her candid style of teaching.  She often finds herself in a creative pickle she calls a "hot mess", but she keeps moving forward and finds her way out.    Anyway...when I first read about 48 weeks I knew, deep within, that this course was for me.  Yet I allowed all those creepy voices in my head to stop me in my tracks from signing up.  The more I sat on the fence the more pissed off  (and my butt was getting sore) I was getting with myself.  I know better than to listen to those voices yet here I was, once again.  I got to the point of reckoning when I realized this is a good for me and good for my creative spirit.

I am happy to say that I am no longer on the fence.  I signed up and I am more than ready to begin.

 This whole situation aided in solidifying my word for 2014 that I will share later.
There are always lessons to be learned even from ones you repeat.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

lucky me

This is a story of how the Universe works.  
I have been wanting to paint on a large canvas.  Yet every time I would consider it I (FEAR) would talk myself out of it.  All my reasons seemed legitimate... how do I begin? - what do I paint? - these are so expensive to not know what I am doing. - I would be wasting my money, so on and son on.  I'm sure you have experienced this negative self talk when you start something new.  Haven't you?  

I have been in the mindset to bust thru resistance ever since I watched an interview, a couple weeks ago, with Steven Pressfield on Super Soul Sunday.  I understand how resistance had held me captive and I am inspired to know that I no longer need to place judgement on myself.  All I have to do is push thru resistance.

Anyway... last night I decided to go to Michael's a purchase a larger canvas.  Much to my surprise one of their Daily Deals was 60% off all canvases.  I am smiling.  Why?  Because I, also, had a coupon on my iPhone that was for 25% off my entire purchaseincluding sale items.  YES that means I was going to get 85% off my canvas.  I couldn't control myself any longer.  I did the Happy Dance right there in the aisle at Michaels!!!

Needless to say, I walked out of Michaels with 8 large canvases.  I am so frickin' excited to paint on the canvases that I can hardly contain myself.  Stay tuned because I will definitely share with you what I create.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Canvas Create

This past Sunday  I watched an on-line class called Canvas Create by Donna Downey (LOVE her!!!-if you don't know who she is check her out.) and I decided I was going to "just do it".  Here's what my final piece looks like.  It was all painted with my fingers, too.  What fun it was getting messy.  The ultra cool part about making abstract flowers is that they don't have to look like real flowers.  This truly helped me paint freely without being so concerned about it looking perfect.  Because the truth is... it was good just they way it is.  So true for us, as well.  We are good enough, just as we are.   I was beaming with pride to complete this in one day.  The canvas measures 18" x 24" which, to date, is my largest canvas to paint on.  I'm craving to paint larger now!

Oh yah, I almost forgot to mention,   I SOLD IT ALREADY!   (happy dance~happy dance)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


OK - the truth is I have 4-5 projects sitting in my studio that have been started and not completed.  This has been bugging me because I like to complete things.  Anyway...I am on a mission by the end of the year to get them all completed.  I just finished one and wanted to share it with you.  I have been working with joint compound and I am loving the process and the result.  Taking me out of my comfort zone because it is quite messy.  I find joint compound stuck to everything.  The good news is, it flakes off. 
I want my art to be about "Simple Truths/Simple Reminders" which means this piece sat around in my studio waiting for just the right words.  Then they came. 

I have diligently been working on several projects toward making my dreams come true and feeling like I'm not getting anywhere.   It is a bummer, too.  I sat down to watch Oprah's Super Soul Sunday where she was interviewing Steven Pressfield.  He defines resistance as "a negative force that arises whenever we try to move from a lower level to a higher level".  OMG it was like lightening struck!!!!!  As Oprah would say I had an A-Ha moment.

Steven Pressfield says resistance is as natural as gravity.  That made so much sense to me.  And when we can identify that what we are bumping up against is "resistance" then we are able to remove any judgement about ourselves and then push thru.  So... that's where I am right now ~ pushing thru resistance.  He, also, says..."take your ass where you heart wants to go".

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward is a concept that I have believed in for many years. Hearing someone (Thanks, Jessie!) say it last night caused a light bulb to go off in my mind.  It was as if this was just the answer I was waiting for.

You see, I create these  little Angels that first came to me in a dream in the spring of 1993.  (you can read more of  their story by clicking on this link (  My intention was crystal clear then and it is the same today.   I wanted to find a way to warm someone's heart and ultimately bring a smile to their face that radiates from their heart.   We all know that when we smile the world smiles with us.

These little Angels are designed to deliver a special message from you.

Here's how the Pay It Forward begins.  You order a little Angel from my website I will send the little Angel to whoever you want me to send her to.  Inside the note card she will carry your heartfelt message that will surely bring a smile to the someone's face.  It can be a message of gratitude, expressing your concern if they are going thru a rough time in life, or even just a simple "I'm thinking of you".  The point is you took the time to express your genuine appreciation for this person and you did it in a way that was unexpected.  How cool is that!

This is how I will help with Pay It Forward.  For every little Angel that is ordered I will donate $5.00 to a charity that will help another person.  If you have a favorite charity provide me with the name and it will be entered into a drawing.  During this time (from now until November 30, 2013) I will also remove the shipping cost ($5.00) for you to send your little Angel.
It's asituation.

I'm soooo excited about this.  I hope you will join me in this effort to Pay It Forward.  You can include your friends/family in this project, too.  The more the merrier.  Here's the link to this post

If you have any questions send me an email @

Friday, November 15, 2013


There has been times in my life when circumstances presented themselves and I chose not to do anything.  The main reason I chose to stay stagnate was out of fear.  Afraid of this or afraid of that.  When the situation(s) changed and I was forced to do what I had feared the most I was amazingly surprised how empowered I became.  Thus success followed.

I so want to get the point where I choose to fly from the nest instead of waiting until I am pushed to learn how well I can fly.  I feel the stirring of change rising.

Share your stories with me of times when you displayed courage.  
I really do want to hear them.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sedona calls to me

John and I recently returned from our annual Sedona, AZ trip.  What a place!  We love it there!!!  So much to see and many trails to take and to feast your eyes on Sedona's beauty.  John is always commenting on when you look at the red rocks and walk even a short distance away you can see something different.  
Every morning we put on our hiking boots, walking sticks in our hands, and we are off for an adventure.  My daughter still has a hard time believing I actually do hike and climb as much as I do.  There's something about Sedona that brings it out of me.  The first morning out was a chilly one.  Our choices were to climb in the shade, Doe Mountain, or in the sun, Bear Mountain.   Because it was so chilly I opted to climb in the sun. (in hindsight I should have thought about it just a little bit more.)  Doe Mt. vs. Bear Mt.-you can guess where this is headed.  Can't you?  We are walking and climbing, walking and climbing.  I looked up and thought "this isn't going to be too hard".  Boy was I ever kidding myself.  What I was looking at was a small hill.  There was a wee part of me that wanted to talk John into turning around.  I had to turn off the chatter in my head so I started to see this hike as a metaphor of life -  just keep putting one foot in front of the other, stop and take a breath if needed but just keep going.  In this photo we are not even half way up to the top .  Little did I know that getting to the top was a very steep incline.  But butt and my legs were burning by the time I got to the top!  

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL VIEW IT WAS FROM THE TOP.  We were so high up that we were actually in some clouds.   We later learned that Bear Mountain s 1,800' up and is considered one of the most strenuous hikes.  It took us 3 hrs. to get up there and 1 hr.  45min. to come down.  
Bear Mountain will forever remind not to look at how difficult something can be just break it down into manageable pieces and get on with it.  The view will be worth it from the other side.  After that hike we went straight to the hot tub!  
The next day we climbed Devil's Bridge which was very beautiful, too.  It was like one big photo shoot. Everyone up there took turns walking out onto this narrow rock formation that resembled a bridge.  And whoever was on the other side would take the picture.  We met people from all over. 

My ultra favorite spot is Bell Rock.  We usually save this until the end of our trip because it is so special to me.  I climb  about two thirds of the way up  to sit on"my" rock and meditate.  John continues up further while I just sit in silence.  Oh what a peaceful feeling, I can't even explain it.  Down below on the flat landing was a woman who was doing a spiritual dance and another group of women doing yoga.  I can close my eyes right now and my heart & soul is transported there.

Friday, November 8, 2013

surprise in my inbox

I got a very nice surprise in my inbox letting me know that I was a featured artist.  What an uplifting message from the Universe coming in the nick of time when I am starting to feel a little (and temporarily) deflated.

Since 2002 I have read a daily message from this same book every year, Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie.  Here are snippets of today's message,  "You are being guided.  You are being led.   Now is the time to practice what you know.  Trust.  Let go.  Let the journey unfold."

Head on over and read the article

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sitting on the otherside of...

original artwork
I have known one of my strengths is I like to take a project and make it work which has always served me well as an Office Manger in my daytime jobs.  So I applied the same tenacity and perseverance to this project.

Yes, I am sitting on the other side of the finish line.  I have diligently been working on building my website where I can sell my artwork.  This has been one of my dreams for a long, long time.  I knew NOTHING before I started down this path.   My friend Heather Hanson pointed me in the right direction, I got all pumped up and I just began.  Wait a minute.  That previous sentence made it sound like I started right away but that isn't true.  I purchased the domain name in April and I actually didn't start until August.  It seems that being a slow beginner may be part of my DNA.  There was a time when I was weary and my friend Kelly Hoernig was there to provide me with support and a pep talk.  She said things to me that I needed to hear.   Along the way I had detours and unpleasant distractions.   My butt got sore from all the long hours sitting in front of the computer.  My index finger is tender from scrolling my mouse forward and backward.  There were times when I wasn't sure I would ever be able to grasp all the nuances that go with building a website.   Now I am familiar with HTML codes.  Next I am learning about SEO's.  Yikes!

The night that I pressed the publish button my husband was standing beside me holding my hand.  We both smiled!   I beleive he was just as excited as I was.

In life, as well as in the virtual world, we need each other.  Success isn't a solo act.  I am grateful for everyone who has provided encouragement and support while I travel this creative path.

I am asking that you check out my website and help me spread the word by posting a link on your site.  Thank You very much in advance.

Monday, September 2, 2013

checking in

Thought I better check in with the virtual world.  I've had several people send me private messages wondering where I am since I haven't posted in awhile.  Well... I have many things going on right now.    Some good things/some not so good things.  I'll share one of the good things with you.

I am building my website.  Learning as I go which is both rewarding and frustrating.  I've had several hurdles that set me back,  mentally, which caused procrastination to set in.  Mid August I posted that I was 80% done well I am relieved to announce that I am now 90% done.  See I am progressing.
I have always dreamed about owning a store so I decided the virtual store would be a great way to start.  I will be selling my original artwork, archival prints of my art, little plaques of my art, and custom vintage art.  I will also be introducing "I'm Just A Little Angel..."

I just completed the 21 Meditation with Deepak Chopra and Oprah.  I can't adequately expressed how much I loved it.  I would get up at 5:15am most days to mediate then write in my journal.  What a terrific way to start my day.  I am convinced that meditation is a practice worth adding to my life.

What have you been up to?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Drum roll please!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I told you I was invited to be a Guest Designer for Linnie Blooms?  Today is my introduction.  I am featured on Linnie Blooms --- just click on the Linnie Blooms link

You will find a brief story about me along with the first project I designed.

Everyday Linda will introducing a designer and how they have used the Linnie Shapes.  Save her link and stop by everyday to meet the designer and what she created.

Linda Barutha, is the owner of Linnie Blooms, she has created Linnie Shapes made out of canvas.   Honestly, I had never used canvas before.  This challenge wasn't as hard as I had presumed it to be,  in my head.  I believe one reason why is these shapes are so dang cute and canvas is pretty flexible to work with.  All my scrapbooker friends, you will really LOVE them.   Go try them for yourself and show me what you created.

 I hope you you stop over and celebrate with me!

Friday, August 2, 2013

80% done

It has been an exciting time for me lately.  There have been many projects I have been working on and they are coming to fruition.  It seems like when I  decided to "become clear on my intentions" the Universe has truly stepped up and guided me.  I still need to practice listening a little better.  :-)

I have been wanting to have a website where I can display and sell my art.  I thought it would be fun to create my "virtual" store.   I knew it would be best (financially) for me to tackle this project of creating a website myself.  So that is just what I did!  I got some valuable guidance from several friends then I set forth.  Was it hard?  What I found to be the most unsettling was not knowing what I was doing.  Mainly I didn't understand the terminology.  I decided not to worry about it because I knew that if I kept moving forward it would all come together eventually.  And that is exactly what happened.  I am happy to announce that I am..............
I have a checklist of things to do yet but I feel I am over the hump.  What a great feeling that is!!  I'm sure John is delighted, now he doesn't have to hear my heavy sighs any longer. :-)  The URL is going to be  I wanted to keep it simple.

Expect an invitation from me within 3-4 weeks for my GRANDE OPENING. Sure hope I will see your smiling face there. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guest Designer

Here is an opening sentence to an email I received last week:

"Hi Teresa!
I'm very excited to tell you that you have been selected to be a Guest Designer for Linnie Blooms! "

I am thrilled and a little apprehensive all rolled into one.  I am ready for the artistic stretching exercise.The first debut of my design(s) will be the first part of August..  I have added a link to Linnie Blooms'  site  on the sidebar.  Please check the site out. 

My heart and face continually smile about the synchronicity of it all.  I recently started being clear and declaring my  intention and the Universe is responding in kind.  I'm practicing (notice I said practicing-I haven't mastered it yet!) being aware of messages I get from other people.  It's a wonderful thing!  

Please tune into August 5-10 to witness my debut of being a Guest Designer.  

A BIG thanks to you!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

it's time to dream big!

Have you ever heard the saying, "it's time to sh*t or get off the pot?"  Well... that's how I am feeling, lately.  I have creative ideas that I think about and journal about, I have no clue where they will go but I am finding that it no longer suits me to only think about them.  I want to bring them into fruition.   If it is to be, it is up to me!  

I was watching Oprah's Super Soul Sunday and I heard her say, again, "be clear on your intention and the Universe will rise up to meet you, wherever you are".  I've heard this before but on that particular day it was like the message was deliberately for me.  Then several days later an artist friend of mine, Kelly Hoernig, contacted me and we decided to get together.  She came to my house and we spent the entire day together.  Kelly is really good at probing and asking just the right questions to help you see things from a different perspective.  And she did just that with me on that day.  Most of her questions were "left brain" questions that I did not have answers for.  I was a little surprised at that.  The light bulb went on for sure.  That's all I thought about the next day.   One of my all time favorite sayings is "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear".  My teacher that day was Kelly!  I am ever so grateful for our friendship.  We both set a goal.   Mine is to have my website published by 8/11/13.

Do you have a dream that has only been in your head and you need to break it down into manageable goals in order to make the dream come true?

Monday, July 1, 2013

good news angels

OK everyone out there, who is listening, I am going to share something with you that has been extremely near and dear to my heart since 1993.   Whew!  That is 20 years ago!  These " little angels" came to me in a dream and I had to get out of bed to sketch them, within a few weeks I had started making them.  I would sell them at craft shows  and anywhere I possibly could.  I had a mission because I believed in the message they carried.  I still do!  It's almost as if it's part of who I am.
In October 2012, these little angels popped back into my head.  You can read about it here.  The message was loud and clear, "I was to bring them back".  I set out with good intentions and here it is now 9 months later.  Now I know why I like the saying, "give a slow beginner and I'll show you a winner".  These little angels are taking flight  in a little shop in Indiana called Great Finds.  My husband, John, proudly made the stand re-purposing an old coat tree.  He did a great job, too!   

I have another idea that come to me in a dream of how to bring a smile to someone's face.  It warms my heart when I think about it.  I am in the midst of creating a website (experiencing a learning curve) as part of my plan.  will definitely let you know when it is a go.  I wanted to put this bit of info out there as a way to spur me on.  I would not define myself as a procrastinator but I have noticed a lag between my ideas and the fruition.  

Sunday, June 30, 2013

a little drawing time

While my sister enjoyed herself and laid out in the sun.  I sat in a chair beside her, my pencil in hand, my pencil box to my side, and I just drew away.  I'm having a delightful time drawing in my journal.  There are no expectations, just taking the time to practice my skill.  Here are the results.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Daring Greatly

"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.
...believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well worn path."  

This is an excerpt from a speech given by Steve Jobs.  The first time heard it, it resonated with me.  Lately I have been drawn to it again.  I know within my heart that I am moving in the right direction yet there are times that those little voices seem to be overwhelming and  trying to knock me off my creative path.  I've been here before, as I'm sure you have, too.  I am, as my Mom use to say, "stubborn as an ole mule", so there is no changing my course.  I'm sharing how I feel because I have been reading a book by Brene Brown titled Daring Greatly.   She speaks about shame and how it can haunt us.  One of the essential ways to loosen the grip and affects it has on us is to talk about it.  Well... that is what I am doing here, today.  Nuff said!  -  Thanks for listening!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

out of the mouth of babes

Yesterday I had my grandchildren, Delaina and Brayden, at my house all day.  We ALWAYS have a good time.  When I really watch and listen to who they are, I am amazed.    These little beings  have so much to say and so much they can teach me.  I have absolutely no words that can express how much I love them!!!
Anyway...we decided (they actually coerced me) that at 10:00 in the morning it was OK to eat ice cream at Grandmas.  So we did!
Later in the day, while Brayden napped,  Delaina and I got out scissors and I told her we were going to cut some lavender to make some posies.  She was so excited to be able to cut lavender with big people's scissors.  Several times she told me how pretty the flowers were and how much fun she was having.  Then she stopped cutting, looked right at me with a quizzical look on her face and said, "Grandma... is a posie like in the song ring around the rosie,  pocket full of posies,  ashes to ashes all fall down."  
I smiled real big and said, Yes!

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