Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Who Am I?

It begins with a single step.

No plans - got out my journal - added a coat of paint - I ripped a page from the newspaper, while the paint was still wet I laid the paper down on the page and transferred it - I let it dry a little then I removed the newspaper. 
My background is ready.
Look to our  right side of the page, notice the strips of paper I couldn't remove?  
This is known as a "happy accident".  
They add more character to the piece.
I grabbed  a reference photo - set the timer for 20 min. - and off I went with charcoal in my hand.  
After the timer went off I added color with PanPastel to her blouse.

I'm wanting to improve with my portraitures so I came up with a way that you can help me with that.
Who's is this person?
The first person to tell me who she is in the comment section will win a prize from me.
The only clue I will give is...
She's been on TV for multiple seasons.
~ READY ~ SET ~ GO ~

Monday, August 29, 2016

Forever Grateful

To date, this piece marks my first large drawing.
(not for long!)
She measures 24" x 24"
Gallery wrapped canvas
Charcoal, Pastel, and Acrylic paint
Titled:  Forever Grateful
I am Forever Grateful for many things.   
One item at the  top of this list is the encouragement and support I receive from ALL of you.  
When I say, "I couldn't do this without you."  I really mean it!  These are not mere words.
I Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

According to About Flowers the meaning of the Black-Eyed Susan flower is:
How appropriate these are as an addition for this piece.

What I am learning is... when I focus on gratitude I receive more blessings to be grateful for.

Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
I couldn't do this without YOU!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

happy as a lark

I am truly
right about now.
Let me tell you why!
This morning I went into my studio without any preconceived ideas as to what I was going to do while I was in there.
I started as I usually do by checking out FaceBook and reading/responding to emails.

* I got up from my chair *
* Grabbed my charcoal *
* Went to my easel *
* Started drawing this lady.

You may be wondering, "What makes this so different than all the other drawings I do, regularly."
This is why...
On this very day I have overcome 2 major resistances.
#1- This is a 24" x 24" inch canvas that I've had on my easel for many months now.  
I've added paint to it  hoping that would spur me on.
I usually paint/draw much smaller than this.
#2.  I have been wanting to start drawing bigger and looser.  
Here I have overcome drawing bigger

You see... 
It's the simple things in life that can make a person happy.

I'll be sure to show you when she's done.

Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
I couldn't do this without YOU!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My story thru art

One of the reasons I create art is to express myself which, in turn, 
has become an integral part of a healing process. 
This is one of the many lessons I have discovered.
 When haunting thoughts of inadequacies or self doubt creep in and are not called out, 
I begin to feel that my dreams may not come true.   
At this time, I naturally jump into a protective mode holding my hopes and dreams close to me and my heart as a way to shield them.  Logically I know that while I may feel it is good to protect my dreams it is not the best action to take.  It is imperative to  release them and let them become what they will.  This requires me to step into faith and  trust that everything is going to work out for it's highest good.
There is an indescribable calmness in those times I surrender all outcomes.
When I spread my wings and allow my spirit to soar.
When I let it be.
 And so it is.

Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
I couldn't do this without YOU!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

my first art video

It all began when I added this desire to my vision board.
I admire artist who regularly show videos of what they are creating.
The dedication to their cause to inspire others.
Each time I watch them  I feel this little nudging to do it, too.
What unlocked the door for me was when I verbalized, out loud, my desire to do the same.
Inspiring others to let their creative spirit out to play is the core of who I am as an artist.
I love playing with art.
I love teaching others to play with art.
I love techniques.
I love using different products in my art.

  I begin with this baby step.
Creating my first art video.
I invite you to take the time to watch it.

All feedback is appreciated.

Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
I couldn't do this without YOU!
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