Wednesday, July 25, 2012

art abandonment at the riverwalk


I have been participating with other artist in a "movement" called  Art Abandonment.  You create a piece of art and secretly place it in an everyday place for some lucky person to find.  The whole idea is to bring a smile to someones face.  You leave a note with the art tell the person that it is a gift to them.  The first time did it I felt like a little kid, you can read the post here. 

This morning I got up at 6:45am, with my camera strapped to my shoulder and went to the Naperville Riverwalk.  It's a beautiful place to walk along a river. 

My intention was to abandon 2 more pieces of art at the riverwalk.  Yet I received much more.  I found serenity sitting on the park bench under this big tree while listening to the river cascade over rocks.  Peaceful would adequately describe the start to my morning.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

from sketch to reality

It's funny to see what my original thought was for a painting and then to see what it actually came to be.  That could be a metaphor for life, couldn't it?   Anyway, I did this quick sketch in the early spring knowing I wanted to draw/paint her at a later date.  I remember I had been singing that day (thank goodness no one was listening) and realized how uplifted it made me feel.  When you sing you are "in the moment" and you seem to not have any cares.  I think this drawing sorta resembles Carole Burnett as a character she would have played in her sitcom.  I use to watch her faithfully.  I thought she was a stitch! 
Several days ago I thought it was time for me to draw her.  I had fun drawing her yet as you can see she isn't much like my previous sketch.  That's OK.  The first one was just a reminder sketch.  She is singing and she has curly hair.  When I first started her hair my husband made a sour look on his face as it to say, "it's not looking so good".  I had to agree with him, then remind myself that there is not mistake in art.  I think she turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm glad I listened to my heart

Last night my daughter invited me to join her and her family to listen to music in the park near her home. They go most Wednesday nights.  My initial thought was "I have so much to do, I really need to stay home and get it done". (I'm sure you know the feeling!). Instead, I said yes. My granddaughter, Delaina, was so excited that I was going she even let me re-comb her hair and give her a new ponytail. That is a big deal! She's almost 3 and  she gave me her version of what to expect. She cracks me up! We all sat on the blanket eating popcorn and listening to the good music. I "blanket danced" most of the night. I even sang out loud, I mean really loud to several songs. The song that got me the most was by Bon Jovi  "It's My Life".  I'm attaching a link where you can hear the song and read the lyrics at the same time.  Take a moment.

I'm so glad that I listened to my heart.  I enjoyed time with my family which is always good, I listened to good music, and received a valuable message that came at a perfect time.    I've heard it said many times to be open and listen for the messages.  I heard you!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

this video is so inspiring

I saw this video and I found it to be sooooooo inspiring that I wanted to share it with you guys.  And to be able to watch it over and over again.  I sure hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

latest late bloomer

Come on over to meet the newest creative Late Bloomer that has been added to my vase.  

Sunday, July 8, 2012

morning rituals

I was prompted by hannahmarcotti to keep a camera by my bedside and in the morning to take photos of things that happen.  She encourages the photos because of the visual effect.  If you don't use a camera pay close attention to the morning as if you were looking thru a camera.  The whole concept was about being aware of how you start your day.  This is what I wake up to each morning, my kitty cat named,  Marmalade.  I always knew she greeted me but I never really paid too much attention to her sweetness.

Then we have Merlot who sits on my jewelry chest watching me.  He usually walks across the bed the goes back to the chest

The next event that takes place is my daily ritual of writing in my morning pages/journal.  I sit in my chair in my studio and write whatever comes to my mind.  Sometimes it's productive thoughts and sometimes it's rambling. 
My husband can't believe I would add this photo of me in my night gown.  When I make a commitment I tend to go all the way.  Anyway.... it's about the point of being aware of how I (you) start your day.  It can often set the tone for the rest of the day.  I am choosing to be more aware.

Keep Smiling!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

being a kid

I couldn't resist the invitation. Even if it meant that half the water would come out once I sat down.
Delaina and Brayden didn't mind. They had fun with us playing together.
Sometimes it's a good thing to just have fun and let the little kid out to play.

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