Wednesday, January 8, 2014

48 Weeks with Donna Downey


A few weeks ago I  posted about being on a fence about a decision I wanted to make.  It was rather I should sign up for a year long art class with Donna Downey or not.  To be honest with you, it was the cost of the class that was causing my hesitation.  But when I broke it down  each class came out to be about $15.00 per class.  It was then that I realized I couldn't let this opportunity pass me by.  

When I saw it like that, it was a no brainer.  

And you want to know what else... I get to keep all the lessons, forever.  So if I fall behind that's OK because I can download the classes or just stream them whenever time allows for me to do them.  My goal is to do one a week but we all know how life changes.  I may sound like an advertisement  but that is my enthusiasm coming thru.  For 3 years Donna offered Wednesdays Inspirations  that were free.  Go check her out and her style of teaching.  If she resonates with you come join 48 Weeks class with us and learn to create beautiful art.

Donna is one of my most favorite artist. I love the style in which she teaches.  She is not pretentious about being perfect or not making mistakes.  She often says something is wonkie or a hot mess.  She reinforces to  just keep moving forward and the piece will turn around.  This approach works for me.

I signed up for the class and I am loving it.  Let me show you the first project I did in her class.  I am working in a Moleskine that measure 16.5" x 23" when it is spread open.  Quite large for what I am accustomed to.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Cranky Old Man

I was reading face book today and I came across this story  (click the link) posted by Debbie Saporta. 
When I read this story I knew deep within my soul that this was a message to me.  I started sobbing.  I have been asking the Universe for guidance, writing about it in my journal, and practicing being quiet enough to hear the messages.  All the while the messages have been there.  

I've talked about my passions for the older generation to friends but I have never opened myself up so publicly like I am today.    I realize I am taking a risk by speaking my truth yet I have confidence that the timing is right.

I have this thing for senior citizens.  Ever since I can remember, even as a young person,  they have been special to me.  My mom knew this, so much so that when she passed away she had engraved in her tombstone as a reminder for me.
Most of my adult life I have either worked in a nursing home or have volunteered in one.   They haven't changed much since the first time I stepped foot into one.  I have empathy for the staff who works there.  Yes, I will admit that I even sometimes can loose my patience, too. In  my opinion, nursing homes are under staffed and under paid.    I speak often to my friends that when I go to a nursing home I don't want to be known as the little old lady who pees in her chair,  I want to be know for who I am.  That is exactly what this man is saying in his poem.   

I am profoundly aware of the change in me since I have let my creative spirit out to play.  I am convinced that it can do the same for other people, even more so for senior citizens.  I may discover more creative Late Bloomers.  ( I shake my head with amazement to realize I was receiving messages when I started this blog)  Here is what I want to do.  I want to teach art to seniors.  Not for the sake of becoming a Picasso or Rembrandt but instead to just tap into their creative nature and bring a little more brightness to their day.  Don't know where or how, I just feel that is what I am suppose to be doing.  Can't explain it any better than that!  Get this...back in November I   did this spread in my art journal 
Then I felt brave and I contacted a paint company and told them what I wanted to do and they sent me 248 bottles of paint, for free.  You see, all the messages are there I just need to stop trying to figure it all out (ego mind) and trust, then keep moving forward.  I know the right circumstance will present themselves and I will meet the right people to guide me.

Thanks Debbie Saporta for sharing this story.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 word

Happy New Year!

It was in 2012 that I discovered the power of choosing a word for the year.  Resolutions never seemed to work for me very long but a word had a powerful impact.  A word involves our thoughts which we can master and we all know what we think about, we bring about.

My word for 2012 was beginnings.  I was realizing that I had a passion and that was to follow my creative path. Because this venture was new to me most of the things I was experiencing was a beginning of something new.  I sure learned alot about myself that year.  In 2013 my word became cultivate, with all the things I was learning and all the new people I was meeting I wanted to grow.  And I did just that.  As I approached the new year  I pondered what my word would be and it came to me immediately. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind.

My word for 2014 is (drum roll please.....)
I will throw caution to the wind for whatever peaks my interest.  I am particularly going to saying YES to the Universe.  I truly believe that we all being guided by our intuition, our higher self, our spirit, Universe, God, or who/whatever you want  to call it.  Our responsibility is to listen and then follow.  My heart strings have pulled on me many times and for one reason or another (usually fear) I did not follow.  Now I will say YES.  This excites me beyond words. 

There are many people who have chosen words over resolutions.  What is your word?  I have been commissioned to work on several pieces of people who want to display their word as a reminder.  Here is my daughter's piece.  Tara recently shed 29 lbs. and gained a tremendous amount of self esteem.  I LOVE watching her sparkle again.  She was inspired by Katie Perry's song "Roar".   I did an acrylic transfer to the lion and added the words of the song slightly showing thru the lion.  
Do you have a word for 2014?  

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