Sunday, September 29, 2019

Framing Her Story

"Framing Her Story"

I've sat looking at this finished piece, into her eyes, waiting for her message to unveil itself. It became apparent she's in a contemplative state. Her head gently resting on her folded hand as she attempts to frame her story to fit into whatever she thinks the listener(s) wants/needs to hear. When the truth is... it's not necessary to be concerned about what others think as long as she remains true to herself. After all it's HER story.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Faces of Lola

Here are progression photos of a piece I started yesterday and finished today.
16x20 acrylic and pan pastels on gallery wrapped canvas.
I titled her, "Lola".

She started off as a sketch of a sweet and innocent young lady 
Then she quickly turned into a very scary looking person.
This is a common, known as the scary or ugly stage, to go thru.  It has been known to frighten someone from continuing.
I've been at this long enough to know to keep moving forward.

Added first layers highlights and shadows.

Refining the features.

Continue to refine the features and adding more color.

She went to the hair salon and had hair extensions added.

This is the final piece.
I wanted to knock off some the preciseness about the painting so I sanded the entire piece down.
I really like the affect.

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