Sunday, March 27, 2016

Never Give Up

Today I was reflecting on the reason I invite you to follow my art journey.   The reason is to be an example.  To hopefully encourage anyone/everyone that if you are the least bit interested in creating art then take it from me.  If I can do it, so can you!  One of the first pieces of art I create delivered a message "It doesn't matter how you get there or how long it takes, JUST BEGIN TO FOLLOW THE PATH OF YOUR DREAMS".   So that is exactly what I did.  I just began.   When I first started out I had no clue what I was doing.  The first time I heard an artist that I admire admit that she made a bad piece of art I got excited.  I then developed the confidence to keep trying knowing that eventually I would improve.

I dawned on me that mostly I show art that looks good that I am comfortable attaching my name to it.  I hardly ever show you a pieces that didn't turn out as I had hoped, there have been many.

If I want you to follow my creative journey and perhaps encourage you then I am willing to show you a piece of art that went south quickly.

I started using  pastels, drawing loosely,  the scene of a young girl releasing butterflies in field where is a trees and flowers.    I was liking it and then it took a turn down a slippery slope, quickly.  So I sanded it thinking it would help make it look more loose and get rid of the defined edges.

 Then I covered it with Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold to give it a vintage look.  While it was still damp I sanded it some more.  "Oh My", I exclaimed..."What have I done?"  It looked awful.

                                      One thing I have learned, for sure, is to NEVER GIVE UP!!!!  
Never Give Up on a piece of art  -  Never Give Up on following your passion.  
I am passionate about being an artist and in this moment I am passionate about turning this pice around.

I began by:
*acrylic transfer of book text for
*stamping with a floral stamp
*stamping using the inside of
*mark making with Distress Ink
  walnut stain
*added shadows
*added words wisdom and
  spirituality which seemed to fit
*dropped white paint.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Learning to trust

90% of the time, I meditate daily, at least 15minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening.  Most of time I find it fairly easy to quiet my mind or at least let the thoughts come and go as they please, without judgment.

In the winter or rainy days I sit in my living room with the blinds closed to keep the outside world at bay.  Incense burning (hmmm... I love incense) in the background. This morning I'm sitting on the couch in my comfy lavender bathrobe with Marmalade (my cat) sitting on my lap.

This meditation was an exception to my norm.  I am well on my way into a realm of relaxation when I felt this incredible urge to STOP, get my journal, and sketch me meditating.  I mean it was an appeal I could not deny.  I remarked out loud, "OK.  If that's what I am suppose to do, so be it".

         Here is the drawing     -------------->

For those of you who follow me on  FaceBook know that I want to be looser in my art/drawings.  For the past several days,  I have been practicing by drawing quickly while I am taking a break from my yard work.

I am finding it so rewarding that I have been able to get out of the way and simply do what I am guided to to.  We all have those moments, don't we?

I am learning to trust.   Not only in my capability to draw, even tho that is big for me, it goes beyond that.  I am learning to trust ME, again.  I have obstacles that have been weighing heavy on my mind and sadly enough on my heart.  Clouding over my beliefs in myself and what my purpose is.  I remembered a quote I read a long time ago, "be grateful for all gifts given to you even tho you don't the way it is wrapped".  As I continue to trust I am, once again, seeing that what I have been perceiving as obstacles are just gifts/opportunities given to me in a way that I do not like.  Nonetheless, they are gifts, when I see them in a new way they become opportunities for growth instead of thorns in my side.  That makes my heart smile!

Friday, March 11, 2016

what's been going on

I just realized I've have  been kinda quiet on this blog.  Oops!  That's not on purpose!
If you haven't heard from me in a while and you wonder what I'm up to just come on over to my FaceBook page.

I have been busy prepping for art shows, art classes, and creating art.  Let me show you what I've created thus far.


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