Wednesday, May 14, 2014

if the shoe fits

We've all heard the saying,
I am feeling the magnitude of that expression and it feels "just right".

Last night was my first group Create Art with Abandon class.  Six wonderful women gathered around my kitchen table to allow me the honor of guiding them to create art without concern for the outcome (abandon).  I'm sitting here at my computer trying to come up with the proper words to express how I am feeling yet the words are just out of my grasp.  It came to me that I am too concerned about the outcome of my story telling so I am going to practice what we learned last night, I am going to write this post with abandon.  Straight from my heart.
I was all set  with the preparation of the class and ready to go, just waiting for my doorbell to ring.  I sat on the couch in a moment of silence to express to the Universe/God how grateful I was for this opportunity.  The more I expressed my gratitude the more I began to feel the depth of what I was grateful for.  In those moments I came to realize how much creating art with abandon mirrors our lives.   We all begin with a blank canvas.  Each layer of paint could represent each experience in our life.  We may not like the color we just added or what happens when we glaze over a painting because it changed the look of our art, just like in life.  We may have bad things happen in life that changes what was before.   In painting, as in life, we can choose not to like what we have and call it quits OR we can take what we have and make it into something we do like.   Sure it may take a couple more tries to get things to the point of acceptance.  When we choose to try something else it can make all the difference in the world.  We are painters, painting our life.  

We began the class with each person writing on their canvas "there  are no mistakes in art".  At first they were hesitant but with a little coaxing and assurance that it wasn't going to affect their art we moved on.  You know what?  There are NO mistakes in life, either.   As we added layer after layer   I started noticing a little bewilderment of what the outcome would be and together we would chant  "there are no mistakes in art".   As the class went on, I must have said the word awesome, it seemed like, a thousand times.  I could see each piece taking form, coming to life, and that really excited me!   When all  the layers were dry and it was  time for marking the piece of art by adding the final touches, excitement was  mounting as they saw their piece being transformed right before their eyes.  My heart was filling with pure joy watching this unfold.   Ah, hell... I'd even say I was as giddy as a kid in a candy store.  There was something special in every piece that seemed to "make the art".  Hands down...everyone left with an awesome (there's that word, again) piece of art.

This class marks the official beginning of my Create Art with Abandon classes.  What a relaxing and fun way to gather with friends or family.  If you are fairly local and want to invite your friends to your house, I have the paints and supplies and I will travel.  My house is readily available, too.  

My website is under construction please email me at with any questions.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

intention + hot glue = cool art

I was given a challenge to create a piece of art within 
5 days from conception to completion.  
I questioned if I could do it or not.  

There was a call for art for this book that I heard about.  I emailed the woman in charge and told her I was interested.  She informed me that the deadline for the initial entry had been a month previously.  Dang!  I had gotten up the courage to submit and this was my response.  I apologized for being late and told her that I felt the Universe had guided me to her and this was my first ever submission to a magazine/book.  She proceeded to  followed up with the word BUT, which is an interesting word that can indicate many conclusions.  She said someone had just backed out and she would accept my art if I could have it to her within 5 days to meet the art submission deadline.  The art was to be created around a choice of one of two quotes.  I told her that my word for 2014 was YES, therefore, I would accept the challenge.   With a chuckle in her voice she said, "you are really going to like one of these quotes".  When I received the quotes, I heart smiled within.  She was right.  I recalled pleasing with the Universe saying out loud,  "OK, Universe, help me with this one!"  

My intention was to create something original.  For 3 days I worked on my art and on the 4th day it was completed.  I was pretty darn pleased with the results.  I took photos and submitted it.  Within a week I found out that I had not been accepted into the book.  It's peculiar because when I got the news I wasn't crushed.  I will admit that I was just a little disappointed, yet not crushed.  I learned much from the experience about myself and my capabilities.  I overcame the obstacle of submitting my art.  Even tho I was not accepted I didn't feel defeated.  If anything the whole experience has lifted me to another level on this creative journey.   She suggested that I wait for another month before publishing it online anywhere in case she did another book and I could re-submit.  I've waited now for over a month and decided to share my finished piece. 

Check out the quote at the bottom left.  It truly fits with my word for 2014.  The art piece measures 
11" x 14" and is made on a sheet of canvas panel.  The background began by first layering with drywall tape, adding multiple layers of paint while utilizing several techniques to apply the paint. The beautifully colored poppies along with the buds and stems are all made with hot glue. Yes, I said, Hot Glue.  The poppies look 3D because they are.  I  adhered them to the stems so they "pop" right out at you.
I will be attaching it to a canvas panel that has a shadow frame around it.  That canvas panel will be painted as if it were lattice to give the overall garden appeal.  I am working on it now and I will post the completed project here.  Then I will add it to my website on-line store at

Have you been to my store, yet?  Come on over and check it out.  You may find something that is unique and just the right gift for someone.  Mother's Day is right around the corner.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

my store is open

I have been stocking my online store with goodies and these  handmade journals. I am the one (not China)  making the journals and stitching them together. 

My on-line store is open for customers. 
You are bound to find one of a kind treasures, loaded with details, and made from my heart.  
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