Friday, September 19, 2014

my super hero cape

I found this TED talk on Kelly Rae Roberts blog.  
I listened to it and I invite you to take a moment (actually 17 minutes) to listen, too.  

She speaks about telling the story of who you are and the super hero capes that we wear.  There is one that I am fully aware that I wear that no longer serves me.   It is the cape of "having it all together".   I am not admitting to being one hot mess because I am not.   This is what I am saying… because of the "having it all together" cape that I wear I have an extremely difficult time asking for support or help.  Therefore I set myself up.  When in actuality, even though I am 61 yrs old.  I sometimes feel like this frightened little girl that just wants you to believe she is OK.  You know the… "I can do it myself" attitude.  As an adult it translates into "I am a strong confident woman".

When I opened the door and committed to following my creative path I put myself into unknown territory.  Except for bursts here and there, I feel I have lived my life in a safe and routine environment. This creative path has not only been about learning to paint/draw it's, also, about discovering more about who I am.  What my truth is.  One of my biggest fears has always been about being judged.  When I was wearing my "having it all together" cape I felt protected.  Well… I have thrown that cape away.  The people close to me have experienced me stepping out of that comfort zone and asking for their help.  Thank You for being there and "not judging me".

I look back at my art about "Simple Truths/Simple Reminders" and I see that I was telling a story.  My story that  transcends to other peoples' story.  I'm almost certain that at some point in our lives we all feel the same things, just a little different.

Since I have been on this creative journey I feel more alive and wouldn't trade it for the world.  Each day I am committed to SHOWING UP and trusting it will all work out.  No more "having it all together" cape and pretending it's all OK because sometimes it just isn't.  That's when I may call you for some help.  :-)
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