Monday, February 27, 2012

from listening comes wisdom

I would like to show you another piece I completed in my "simple truth/simple reminders" series.  It is titled "From Listening Comes Wisdom".  Listening, really listening, is probably one of my most difficult challenges.  And you know what, I am not alone.  (that's why God gave us two ears and only one mouth!)  I always thought of myself as a good listener until I became more aware.  There is more to listening than just hearing words.  It's the feelings behind the words you hear that develops true listening. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

art is more fun when you can share it

On Saturday, my granddaughter, Delaina, and I spent the day in my studio creating art. 
Actually, she was creating art while I watched and smiled. (Elmo was watching, too)  
I loved every minute of it. 
I'll be sure to show you the piece we're working on when we're done.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I love it when a plan falls into place.

Understand that "this creative journey" is fairly new to me.  I am approaching my 1 year anniversary.   I have always dabbled in crafty things my entire adult life.  Yet it was on my 58th birthday that I knew I wanted to let my creative spirit out to play and pursue it with everything in me, my motto became "If not now, when?"  Thus my journey began. (see my first blog post) I had no compass and did not know what to do until I saw Kelley Rae Roberts artwork.     I can not clearly express the without a doubt certainty I knew I was on the right path.    I was inspired and continue to be inspired by her and her art.

The first time I drew this picture was in August 2011.
I had been having little whispers to draw and kept resisting.  Finally I gave in, sat down to draw, low and behold she appeared. I was absolutely floored and elated that I could do it!  It was at that moment it was affirmed that I was on the right path. 

In September 2011 came the second drawing.
I started to see progress and the excitement remained with me.

In November 2011 came 2 more.  I know these drawings are not perfect.
What they brought to me was the exclamation mark to my belief. I can draw!
If you want to my other artwork that are on the right side bar of my blog.

I have been patiently searching, knowing I would find, someone who could teach me to draw.  My husband, John, had given me a gift certificate to for 2 trial lessons at this art class.  Last night was my first lesson.  It's often said, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear".  I know this student is ready and I believe I have found my teacher.  The sweet part is she is only 15 minutes from my house.

I look back at my life and the things I've done and I realize that I am officially a Late Bloomer.  Letting my creative spirit out play is without exception. 

Raise your hand and tell me your story if you are a Late Bloomer, too!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

eyes opened a little wider

I went for my routine annual mammogram today.  I changed from my street clothes to the "ever so stylish white robe that opens in the front" and I made my way to the small waiting area where other women were seated.   We were all in the infamous robe waiting for our name to be called.  Normally I would pick up a magazine to leaf thru, this time I didn't.  I sat glancing at the other woman in the room.  In that short while, I formed a deeper appreciation of humanity. We may come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and be in different stages in our lives but when the exterior is taken away we are primarily the same. 
  It's just amazes me what can be seen when you open your eyes (and heart)  just a little wider!

And then.....I heard my name being called and ladies we all know what happened next!  

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