I enjoy the intimacy of a small which is why 
I love teaching these classes at my house, 
gathered around my kitchen table.

Creating Art with Abandon is about
letting your creative spirit out to play
without concerns of the finished piece or outcome.

Each student begins with a 9” x 12” blank canvas and builds upon this canvas with 5-6 layers starting with 3 different colors of acrylic paint.  Supplied pieces of collage materials such as book text, patterned paper pieces, ephemera, etc. will be layered-in.  Additional acrylic paint is then applied as an accent to the evolving piece.  With the use of stencils, mark making, and stamping additional layers continue to personalizes each art piece.
All material is supplied
The class is approx. 3 hours
Available most days of the week.
Class minimum 3 - maximum 6
Class Prices:
up to 3 people $60.00 per person
up to 5 people $55.00 per person
up to 6 people you get a savings of $50.00 per person

For more info email me at:

In this class each student will take on of their favorite 5” x 7” photo and turn it into the cover of custom journal that will be something you treasure or a great gift for someone special.

Each student is to bring a 5” x 7” photo that will become the front cover of his or her custom journal.

The morning half of the class we will:
   *  Prep the front and back covers of the journal
   *  Punch holes for stitching of each signature  (group of pages) for the journal
   *  Fuse the 5" x  7" photo and the insides of each cover using polymer medium

·     The afternoon will be dedicated to stitching the book together.  A step-by-step instruction will be given to ensure comprehension of the stitching process.

All material is supplied by instructor (except 5x7 photo)
The class time  9:30am til 3:00pm
Available anyday, including Saturday and Sunday
Class minimum 3 - maximum 6
$80.00 per person

For more info email me at:


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