Monday, January 30, 2012

I had a choice to sit it out or dance.....I danced

My daughter, Tara, has always loved to dance.  When she was young I enrolled her in as many dance classes as I possibly could.  She loved it!  The classes coincided with the school year.  At the end of the term the students/dancers would put on this 2 day production in this an auditorium.  It was a big deal.
I would watch everyone of Tara's classes all the while secretly wishing I could do it.  It wasn't just about taking the classes that enthralled me it was, also, wearing the fun costumes and literally performing on a stage.

At the ripe age of 40 I became a Brave Girl, I got the courage to ask the dance instructor if I could take classes.  She said, "Yes".  I was exhilarated!!!!!!  The only problem was she didn't teach adult classes.  So the class she enrolled me in was a group of 14 year olds.  YIKES!  Imagine twelve 14 year olds  and one 40 year old.   (it makes me smile to think back at this time)  At first it was awkward because I didn't have pimples on my face or wear braces on my teeth and the leotards revealed areas of my body that I had worked very hard to disguise.  The positions and speed my body had to transition in the routines was definitely not for an out of shape 40 year old.  Then there was the issue of training my brain to remember the dance routine.  Whew! 

There were many times that I felt I had bitten off more than I could chew but I kept on going.  My daughter and several girls from my class spent many hours working with me after class.  Their words of encouragement kept me going.  Then the day arrived for us to perform on stage.  I was beyond excited!  The curtain raises and all my fears came hurling right in front of me.  I chose to put on the biggest smile I could muster and just dance.  I was in the moment!  You may be wondering if I messed up the routine?  You bet I did.  I messed it up big time . There was one point that the class went left and I went right.  But I kept on smiling.  I don't think anyone noticed.  What they probably noticed was a 40 year old woman who looked liked she was having a good time.
Todays post is an assignment from an e-course I am taking called How To Build a Blog You Truly Love.

what a surprise!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thanks Debbie

I did.  This past October I met Debbie in Sedona, Arizona -we both were there celebrating our wedding anniversaries. There were several couples that John & I would regularly met up with  in the hot tub, at the end of the day with cocktails in hand.  We would have a good time, laughing and talking about our adventures from the day.   It was on the last day of us being in Sedona that Debbie and I really got to know each other.  Not sure how it all began.  I just know the subject came up about our dreams and aspirations and that was all it took for us to delve right into what we wanted to do with our lives.  It was a  instant connection, kindred spirits.  We began talking a mile a minute, barely coming up for air.  It was very exhilarating to share this excitement with someone.  Debbie readily  tells people that she thinks "she found a soul sister".  I'd have to second that motion.  I believe we will be there to inspire and challenge each other to be the best that we can be.  Debbie is creating beautiful and heartfelt greeting cards.  Read more about Debbie and the path she is on at

Debbie and her husband, Mark, came to visit us yesterday.  It was fun getting reacquainted since October.  I believe I can speak for everyone that we had a really good time. 
Debbie purchased 5 of my new 5x7 plaques that I will be selling on my new Etsy shop that is planned to open in February.

I can say that it is uplifting to know that you have "friends' who encourage you along  your creative path while making you dreams come true.  I am ever so grateful for each and everyone of you!  My strongest desire is that I can be that sort of friend right back to you.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


When I went to bed last night I pondered what would be an ideal way to wake up in the morning.  I wanted to be able to wake up with thoughts of inspirations running thru my head to the point of having to rush to some paper and write them down.  I believe our spirit/intuition is always guiding me, I just need to take the time to listen, then act on whatever I am guided to do.  Hence this post.....
When I got up this morning I went to my studio and sat in my chair.   I was only a short period of time that I was thinking about my Granddaughter, Delaina.  She is almost 2 1/2 yrs. old, in the beginning stages of potty training.  I intently watched her yesterday while she was grasping the idea of going to the potty and not in her diaper.  Her mother, Tara,  had bought some pull ups with fairies on them and had told her some story about how special they were. ( I don't know the details).  It must have been a powerful story because it sparked a new attitude in Delaina.  Throughout the day there were times that she was successful to make it to the bathroom on time and we would cheer.  Then there were those other times that she would have an accident in her pull ups. When those times came Delaina would simply say,  "That's OK, I'll get a new one."   Not once did I witness her feeling discouraged or let down.  She simply accepted what had happened and moved on.

The message I received this morning while sitting in my chair was about "believing and with the right attitude success will come.  Accept and learn from what happens then move on".  

Who would have thought I would have been reminded of such a valuable lesson from a child being potty trained?  AND... then to write about it? 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

where did my inspiration come from?

I've been asked by several people where my inspiration came from for my latest piece, "Hello There".

It was only recently that I learned to open my eyes and see things that are around me as inspirations.  Just to take a moment and look a little deeper.  To ask myself what I like about this or that and perhaps incorporate it in my art.  This piece is probably one of the first times I truly used that concept. 

All I knew is I wanted to do something whimsical.  What came to mind was the picture I had taken
 of my sister, Linda, several years ago.   Everytime I take her picture she makes a face of some sort, usually crossing her eyes.  I loved her crossed eyes and expression she had on her face, it was as if something just landed on the tip of her nose. Which prompted me to photoshop a butterfly on her nose.   I sent her this card, which made her smile.    
I find my  most challenging part of drawing/painting a face is doing the hair.  To make this part a little less painful I decided to put a hat on her head.  I found this photo. I liked the hat but I just couldn't draw it to get it to look right.This was about the time the my whole painting started going south.  Click here to see the details.  And the chanting began..."there's no mistakes in art".  I decided to go out on a limb a try to draw a hat that would be a little more youthful. That reminded me of a nice summer day.

When it came to the background I remembered this top I had.  The main reason I was attracted to this top was the softness of the flowers and the rich colors.  I love the purple and yellow colors together with the little pink flowers floating around.

Now that I am learning to see things differently I'm already looking for my next inspirations

Let me know what inspires you to create?  I really am interested in hearing your stories.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello There

Thanks to all of you who rallied with me yesterday.  There's no mistakes in art!  I felt this piece I was working on had taken a turn for the "not so good".  I took a break from painting to watch a movie with John.  After the movie, I then went back to my studio to work on my painting.  I stayed up until 3:30am - altered and finished my painting.    

I learned a valuable lesson while working on this piece of art.  Attitude is everything.  Do the best you can, if something needs to be changed have the ability to assess the situation then make the change(s) that is needed.  Whatever you do... don't quit.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

laughing out loud

I am laughing so darn hard here in my studio that I just had to share this with you.
 I have been working on this drawing, getting the sketching done, for a few days now, progressing quite nicely.   Working on the placement of facial features and placing shadows.  I was starting to feel rather proud of my new piece of art. Today I decided it was time to add paint to my sketching. 

Well... I have absolutely no idea what happened but something went haywire.  I'm painting, laughing, and chanting there's no mistakes in art...there's no mistakes in art...there's no mistakes in art.  It was enough noise to bring my husband into my studio.  He took one solemn look at my piece of art and said "I don't think that's true, anymore".  All I could do was laugh.  I tell you what, it feels refreshing to be able to laugh at where I am on this creative path.  There was a time, not so long ago, that my "perfectionism" would have squelched any possibility of enjoyment.  Not now.   There's a plaque on my wall that says "set forth with joy in your heart and follow the path of your dreams".  Dang it... that's what I intend to do.  I am soooo grateful for the joy of creating art.

Here she is right now.  I'm such a brave girl!!!
Take a moment and chant with me...there's no mistakes in art...there's no mistakes in art...there's no mistake in art.  I'll let you see her when she's done.

Monday, January 2, 2012

contemplating new beginnings

This piece of art I created represents my word for 2012.
Since I've allowed my creative spirit out to play I have been discovering new beginnings, sometimes sparked with enthusiasm and sometimes laced with fear.  Beginnings hold the promise of new lessons to be learned.  As part of this creative process my intention is to continue to welcome the new beginnings which will bring promise, hope, and fear.   
I feel so blessed to be more in touch with my creative side that will no longer lay dormant and as a bonus I am learning more about myself.   
And to think it all started when I took one small step toward a new beginning.
"Contemplating New Beginnings"


Sunday, January 1, 2012

I wanted to share

 Happy New year everyone!
A BIG THANKS to  Denise Douros, she posted this on her facebook page yesterday and it really hit home with me.  So much so that I wanted to share it.

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