Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Free Spirit

This morning after meditation I had a deep-seated revelation.  I came to understand the value of trusting.  As I look deep within I can see that as a child is when I began not to trust.  I didn't know what is was then or even as I continued to live my life.  Yet, in hindsight, it all makes sense.  I can now start to see where this has played a role in my adult life.  I may look like a pillar  of steel or like I have it all together yet the truth is I don't.  I am just like you.  Sometimes strong, sometimes not so strong.  Sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

I have been asking the Universe/God to open my heart.  I know that it is time to rid myself of this protective shield I have built around me.  With that comes many moments of hearty laughter along with moments of tears.  Hell, I find myself tearing up at commercials on TV.    I have shed many tears while watching The Voice as I see those people achieving their dreams.  In those times when I would cry in public I know that I have felt  awkward, even apologetic.  Now I am see instead of feeling shame I should be utterly grateful.

A couple weeks ago I went to a Speak Easy.  A tent folded card was placed on our chair and there was a word on the inside for us to speak about or pass speaking all together.  Before I even looked inside I had already determined not to say anything because I felt uncomfortable (afraid).   Right before it was my turn I opened my card to see the word TRUST.  The flood gates opened, tears began flooding down my face.  Between sobs I was able to utter out what the word TRUST had meant to me in that moment.  Yes, I was a little embarrassed but I felt I was in a safe place.  I felt even more comforted when the woman next to me gently put her hand on my shoulder and softly said she was the one who cried the week before.

When I was in my forties was a time that could say that I trusting.  I believed in my purpose.  I was challenging myself and doing things I once thought I couldn't.  Stepping outside my comfort zone(s).  OK, admittedly sometimes being forced out.  Challenging myself.  It was a time that I took chances, believing with all my heart that everything was going to be OK.  And you know what... it was OK.  I look now at myself with understanding a renewed conviction.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Coptic Stitch class December 5, 2015

This is an ideal gift for anyone, particularly the person who seems to have everything.
 I've even made them for my GRANDkids, this way I get to have their drawings all in one place.  When they come over they want to see their book.  To me...this is an optimal way to build confidence.

I Lheart emoticonVE these journals/books and I Lheart emoticonVE teaching this class. 

I am making it extremely affordable for you to come make one with us. It will be you and no more than 5 other women sitting around my kitchen table, enjoying the company, and creating your own custom journal. Come create with us!

To Register:  
Send me an email  smileee001@aol.com I will respond with more details.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

If Only...

If Only... is a statement often made.
On the days I work in my studio I have certain rituals that I follow.
I smudge my space with white sage as I say an affirmation prayer.
There are days when I know and feel that I am being robotic, just going thru the motions.
Then there are those days that every action and every word uttered comes from the core of my being.
That's what happened when I/we created this piece.

When I surrender to the process of creating art, from my heart,  
And allow myself to be guided by a Higher Power.
I am rewarded in ways that cannot be measured by dollar signs.
To me...this is why I am an artist.
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