Friday, July 22, 2016

What a coincidence! Or was it?

Last night I was researching encaustic techniques on the internet looking to expand my knowledge.
I came across a video of this man who randomly applied oil pastels to the bottom of an iron and then painted landscape scenes.
I thought that was very cool.    
As I continued my search I discovered, Lana Khavronenko.  
With an iron and oil pastel she was creating portraits.  
I was blown away.  
I was captivated the rest of the evening watching her videos.  

Here is one of them so you can see what I am talking about.

This morning, on FaceBook,  I read a post from the fellow artist that I admire.  
She raved about another artist and then shared a video by this artist.   
Lo and behold the video was of  Lana Khavronenko.  
The same artist I was enamored with the night before.  
What a coincidence!  Or was it?
If you know me at all you know that I took it as a message from the Universe.
So........ today I used the technique Lana shared as my inspiration.
This is what I did for Day 17.
I pulled out my little Tulip iron, grabbed my GRANDdaughter's crayons,  and and off to my studio I went.
It was a little tricky in more ways than one. 
I kept remelting something I had already done.
After I was finished I scratched into it with a carving tool.
This technique is a keeper.
One I will continue to practice over and over gain.
Tomorrow I will be on a quest to find a small iron with a pointed tip.

Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
I couldn't do this without YOU!

Monday, July 18, 2016

I was at a crossroad and I knew it.

Whew!!!   Day 14
As I sat down to draw this piece I wasn't in the mood for it.  
I was at a crossroads and I knew it. 
I could justifiably not do it all. 
My very loud chatter mind was reinforcing those thoughts with all sorts of logical explanations why it would be alright to just not draw today. 
I sat at my table, tapping my fingers, trying to figure out what to do,  I felt this ever so faint urging to just begin.  
There were no words being spoken just this gentle feeling within.
It was as if the pausing at the table... being what was necessary to feel the prompting.
Memories returned of times I had been at crossroads before and how I felt when I took the higher road.
Steadily the fire within was rekindled.  My enjoyment of creating art began to return.
As if to knock the chatter mind out of the way,  I picked up a ball point pen and began drawing.
Drawing with a pen was unfamiliar to me.  It's seems so permanent.
I wasn't concerned about the outcome.
 I had begun and that was the most important step to make.
The first step.
Forward movement had been revived.
Not thinking, just drawing.
I wasn't long that the chatter mind was no longer prominent and I was in the moment.
Reaping the reward of taking the higher road.
I believe this piece of art simulates a stoic stance vital at a time when we are faced with a crossroads.
Stand confident ~ Take the higher road.

Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
I couldn't do this without YOU!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Thank You, John, for the inspiration

This morning my husband came into the house and said, "I have a surprise for you."  
He proceeded to hand me a clump of coal from our chiminea.  
I must have had a quizzical look on my face because he proceeded to tell me 
I could use it for my next drawing.
You know, sometimes, it's those simple things in life that have the grandest impact.
 This was one of those moments. 
I did just that.  I used only the charcoal he gave me to draw this lovely lady.
At times it was a little tricky because the charcoal was chunky, 
I found it somewhat of a challenge on the details.
Yet with a little persistence and an eraser I was able to get the job done.
To top it off I drew her on a of piece of textured wall paper that I had stenciled on.
 It did have had tooth to grab the charcoal.

Thank You, John, for the inspiration of Day #13.
Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
I couldn't do this without YOU! 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day 12 Sacred Space

There are no words that can accurately convey how excited I am right now.  
Absolutely none! 

For my Day 12 creative piece I opted to offer my interpretation of just a little morsel of what I see from my "Sacred Space".
One might ask, "What is my Sacred Space?"  It's a small section carved out of our backyard that is very special to me.  So it's fondly called "Sacred Space".  My GRANDkids even call it by it's rightful name.  I go there to sit and contemplate.  This is where you will often find me sketching.  I meditate in the morning and evening there.  I take Marmalade (my cat) outside to enjoy the fresh air while we sit under the embracing Magnolia tree.  It's a very nice place to be.

I am giddy with excitement.  
Because of this piece.  

I had the best time creating this piece of art in my journal.  
That is what art is suppose to be about.  Having fun!!! Is it perfect?   Hell NO ~ far from it!!  
Art is about expression and when you can let go you get the bonus prize of elation.  
And the outcome doesn't matter at all.
It's about the experience.

One of my deepest desires is to share the joy of creating art.

Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
I couldn't do this without YOU! 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Overcoming another obstacle

I played around this morning, taking some selfies.
I'm not, at all, comfortable in front of a camera.  
So it seemed to me since I have doing other things that are out of my comfort zones I may as well do this, too.
I have been wanting to do some art videos on YouTube but I the fear of putting myself out there always held me back.
This is what I know...
"It's time to crack that shell wide open."
I'll start with these selfies.



Thursday, July 14, 2016


Yesterday I missed showing a piece of art I had drawn for Day #10 and that's OK!
I am the only contestant in this competition I created for myself.  My rules, I can break them.

Not to worry!  It just took me several days to complete this custom piece.
Please allow me to introduce you to my friend's mother, Nancy.
She was celebrating her 90th birthday.    Imagine that!
Every time I see this photo it captivates my attention.
It called to me once again so I knew it was time that I painted her.
Thanks, Nancy, for allowing me the honor to try and capture the essence of you.
Nancy is no longer with us on this earth.  I know that she is truly missed, by her daughter,  everyday.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I am on several missions

It would seem that I am on several missions: 
#1.  Would be to create art daily and post it so I can hold myself accountable
#2.  Would be to overcome resistance of what to draw~to stretch my capabilities~to challenge myself
As I entered my studio this morning I knew I wanted to use PanPastels.  That's all I knew.
I've played with them a little and have been wanting to become more familiar.

As usual my kitty cat, Marmalade, jumped upon my lap, it dawned on me to use her as my model.  
I proceeded took a photo of her sitting on my lap. 
I've been asked many times if I draw pets and I never knew if I could or not. 
Now I know!

I was able to "get 'er done"

I helped out with 2 sick GRANDkids yesterday. (they are doing lots better now)
I began to accept the fact I may not get a drawing in for Day #8.  And I was OK with that.
Yet there appeared to be a window of opportunity and I climbed right in.
I was able to "get 'er done".

My oldest GRANDdaughter, Delaina,  said she was in the mood to draw, with charcoal, while Lila slept.
After drawing with the charcoal awhile she said, "This sure is different than using crayons."  
Yes, indeed, it is.
 I was able to"get 'er done"!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Drawing with Palo Santos incense.

This marks Day #7 of a drawing each day.
One of the subjects I have been very hesitant to draw is older women.  That was, until today.
I woke up filled with vim and vigor to overcome this resistance.  
I hopped on the internet and searched goggle images to found this older woman who appears to be European and wearing a babushka.  
(I could be totally wrong about my description of her but that's what I see.)  
What caught my attention was the expressiveness in her eyes.  
She has lived a long life~I could almost feel the depth of that life within her eyes.  
What a feat it would be to capture that depth!
I started off the initial sketch by using the end of my Palo Santos incense stick.  
I'd burn it for a while then after it cooled I drew with it.
Secretly I was hoping for some mystical assistance as I began my drawing.

I, also, used charcoal pencil and water color pencil is what I used for the babushka.
I thought you might like to see the reference photo.

Thank You for your support & encouragement.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

when the student is ready...

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

This is how I felt this morning when I entered my studio.
Checking FaceBook and e-mails before drawing another face for today (Day #6)
In my mailbox was Joanie Springer's newsletter that I subscribe to.
Needless to say, I watched it and was totally inspired by it.

Take a moment and watch this short video.


After I watched this video I knew what I was going to do.
I went outside to find a stick to draw with.  I whittled a point on one end.
Got out my black and sepia India ink.
Sat outside on my patio in the backyard and drew this faces.

I had the best time!  
It brought back memories when I used to paint with odd instruments.  
Haven't done it in awhile.
That is going to change.

I finished these pieces in my studio using acrylic paint and pastels.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Thank You, Picasso

The first time I heard this quote by Picasso I knew it to be true.
Sorry if I seem to repeat myself but this quote resonates deeply within my soul.
Here is another portrait I did today. This marks 5 days in a row.  
I think I'll keep going...
Wanna see how far I can go?
Better yet... let's do it together. 
Create something every day.  Large or small.  It doesn't matter the size.  Just begin.
Message me if you want to play along.  I'd LOVE to see what you create.

Thursday, July 7, 2016


I had set an intention to draw a girl per day,  in one hour,  and add her to this journal spread.  
one girl in one hour-four days
I have been one very busy lady.  
Along with all my other items on my agenda I will admit to being a little hesitant to commit to this.
Yet I am so glad I did!
I have stretched myself creatively.
Which stirred my juices to learn other things.
Like encaustics...  I had taken a class with Crystal Neubauer several years ago.  She was an excellent teacher.  I love the whole process.  Bought some supplies then never bothered to use them.  
That was until recently.  
I did a loose drawing of a woman face with charcoal.  Applied joint compound around her face-oil painted on top of the joint compound
charcoal drawing
joint compound
oil painted
layer of encaustic wax
scrapping away
more layers of encaustic wax
layer of encaustic wax
stamping flowers and adding color with PanPastel
scrapping away
more layers of encaustic wax
more stamping more Pan Pastels
The point I am making (for myself and you, too,  if it applies) is to continue to challenge myself to creatively grow!

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