Friday, September 22, 2017


Eleven days ago I watched a video  Why People Commission Portraits by Gwenn Seemel
(take a moment  watch her video) 
One of the reasons it struck a cord with me is because I am a portraiture artist.  
In the video she speaks about many different reasons someone may commission a portrait.  
The one main reason someone would commission is portrait is "making special".  
You make something special when you make it into art.
A painted portrait has a hand made quality about it that a photograph lacks.

I looked up from my computer to see a photo of my sisters and I from 2007.
This was a special moment for us so I decided to make it 
even more special by making it a piece of art.
I finished it today!
Here it is!

The actual photo was captured in 2007.
When we were together we would go into laughing fits, sometimes for no reason. 
Just acting silly.  One would laugh then the others would follow suit.
During this time when we were having our photo taken Judy decided to pinch Linda's butt. 
Linda burst out laughing.
That is all it took to create a chain reaction of antics that continued for a while.

When I close my eye and  become still I can recall the laughter from that moment time.

"Making Special"
that is exactly what I did by painting this portrait.

Thank You, Gwenn!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Making Special

After I was finished with my morning rituals, I go into my studio and  the first thing I saw was Gwenn Seemel's video , "Why people commission portraits".  I loved it so much that I watched it several times.  My heart began to melt at the 11 second mark when she began to talk about the number one reason above all others why people commission art was making special.  I swear her face lit up!  You can tell she creates art from her soul.

Here's the video.  Please take a moment to watch it.  It's relevant to the rest of my story.

One of the things I normally do when I start my studio day is begin doing something, anything.  This morning it was varnishing several pieces I had done earlier and putting Polymer medium on canvas panels.  Then I go to my computer to check emails.  Above my computer monitor is a photo that was taken at Christmas time 2007 of me and my sisters.  It's been hanging in the same place for a very long time.

The two sisters in the middle were laughing so hard because one sister  (Judy) was pinching the other sister (Linda) in the butt.   I seemed like whenever we would all get together we would laugh, sometimes uncontrollably,  at the weirdest stuff.  This was one of those moments.   When I think of my sisters, I want this to be my memory...
laughing at the stupid stuff.
Needless to say, it's 10 years later and things are not the same.  Judy is no longer with us and Bonnie is confined to a wheelchair.

Thru my tears, I feel an incredible pull at my heart to create a piece of art of me and my sisters.  So I followed my heart.

"Making Special"
Here's the rough sketch.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Metamorphosis-the process of transformation

In my stillness,  I was reflecting back on my creative journey. Where I was vs. where I am and where I want to be.  It occurred to me that on this creative journey I am, repeatedly, going thru a metamorphosis (the process of transformation) similar to a butterfly.
Hence... the inspiration for this painting.
Butterfly Abounds
20" x 20" 3/4" deep canvas
charcoal-acrylic paint-PanPastels
  • It was merely 6 years ago that I began this creative journey, not knowing which direction to go yet I was determined to put one foot in front of the other and trust the path would appear.
  • After a while I began to shed negative thought patterns of "not being good enough" as I continued making art.  This negative pattern never really disappears, it just fades away.  I am tenacious enough not to let it keep me down.  Thinking of the ebbs and flows in life helps me in those not so bright times when self-doubt has me in it's grip.  You know the saying... "this too shall pass".
  • I will often take some time to center myself...I get brave enough to step out of my comfort zone(s) again and put myself and my art out there for possible rejections.  When I step  up/out with faith and belief in myself of why I am on this journey those rejections become stepping stones to help me learn and grow.  And you know what else happens?..... I  END OF GETTING LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF POSITIVE FEEDBACK.
  • At this stage... I am changing things up a bit.  I am taking more risks.  I am ready to FLY!
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Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
I will continue to do this because of YOU!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Speak Your Truth - SOLD

My art, Speak Your Truth,  was being shown, along with other artists from Studios630
at The Corner House in Lombard, IL.
I was very pleased to learn that it has been sold.

I am a full-time artist.
Selling my art and leading workshops is the way I earn a living.

  I am completely aware that could not do this without your support. 
There are no words to express how important each and everyone of you are to me!
Your words of encouragement are immeasurable, they lift me up on those days of uncertainty and propel me forward.
When you share my posts or links with your friends and family you help me reach other people.
I feel blessed each time you purchase any of my art, large or small.
Even though the money earned from each sale is a valuable asset what I find more precious are the comments of how my art touches another's heart. 

I exchanged emails from the person who purchased "Speak Your Truth" and this is a portion of what was written...
"when I walked into the Corner House yesterday and saw "Speak Your Truth" it stopped me in my tracks.  It was as if the woman in your painting was speaking to me telling me that I needed to continue with my work, that it is my purpose to help people, that I need to "Speak My Truth" so to speak."

This is why I create "art from my heart".

Friday, August 25, 2017

"Goddess Within" custom work

I got a message from a customer who purchased a piece of art from me several years ago.   
Her  sister had been visiting, saw the art, and "absolutely LOVE IT".   
She was wondering if I would make one like it that she could give as a birthday gift.
After explaining that you can never make an exact piece of art like the original 
she said go ahead and get as close as possible.
By this time I am stoked and ready to go.

13"W x 15"L loose canvas 
Gessoed then added a layer of joint compound for texture
After it dried I sanded then applied matte medium to seal the surface
Glazed with Golden Raw Umber
Sketched with charcoal
Added color using PanPastels and acrylic paint
Added more colors to the background using PanPastels
More texture added to the background with joint compound
After it dried I sanded it then sealed it with matte medium 
I wanted more depth to the background so added coffee ground, let it dry overnight
PanPastels and acrylic paints
Randomly added drops of black india ink
Stenciled vertical lines
Added more color with PanPastels
Stenciled the headdress using a paper doily and flexible modeling paste
Sprayed final fixative
After the headdress dried I sanded it then added more modeling paste to make it larger
Applied matte varnish
After the varnish dried I stippled another layer of matte varnish 
Let it dry for several days.
Varnished an vintage wooden clothes hanger, created a wire hoop with stone embellishment as a way to hang it
Attached the canvas to the wooden hanger
Signed it.
I delivered this piece of art today and my customer LOVED it!
What a good feeling when the art I "create from my heart" is genuinely appreciated.

Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
I will continue to do this because of YOU!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Bringing art to life #3

From the moment my fingers slid along the clump of clay and a figure began to appear.
I knew I was hooked.
One piece at a time, I am taking art that I have drawn/painted and giving it another dimension.  Almost like..."bringing them to life".
My hands are happy.
I've shared making sculptures  with some of my friends and they all attest to the relaxing feeling.
Just as we are all different so is each sculpture.
The inspiration of this sculpture came from a piece of art that carries
a very important message.
You can click HERE and HERE to see the other 2 sculptures I have made for this series 

There's more to come... Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bringing my art to life #2

There are absolutely no words to adequately express the joy I am receiving.  
I get giddy, like a little kid, when each piece is almost done.

In January I signed up for  an on-line art class by Jeanne-Marie Webb titled, "Soul Bearers".  She taught us how to make sculptures using air dry clay.  Once I got my hands in that clay and felt it moving beneath my fingertips I knew that I was hooked.  I knew I just had to do it.
I am taking art that I have drawn/painted and giving them another dimension. 
Almost like... "bringing them to life".

You can click HERE to see the first sculpture that I shared last week.
Here is my 2nd sculpture titled, "Hello There".
The inspiration for this second sculpture came from
one of my very first pieces of art I made in 2012.
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