Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I am a seeker of balance
When to push thru
When to let go

From within the answer lies
I close my eyes,
Breathe deeply
Then I know

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


A couple weeks ago I was asked to paint another original piece of art like a previous piece.
I had never done this before and quite honestly I was a little reluctant to even attempt it. I could list all the logical  reasons not to do it and every reason could be quite convincing.  Yet I was drawn to the idea.  Not in a negative way, it was more like a urging to move onward.  I chose to sit with it.  Meditate on it.  My thoughts began to shift.  I no longer viewed it as a challenge instead I saw it as an opportunity for growth.  Once again to overcome resistance (otherwise identified as fear). 90% of the time I create art from my heart,  I do not document the paint colors, the techniques I did, etc.  Which was the #1 item on my list of reasons not to do this.

What I discovered, by following thru with creating this piece is the essence remains the's
Art from my Heart.
I am so grateful that I believed enough to conquer any imagined fear.

What are you resisting that could potentially propel you forward?

Friday, May 13, 2016


I just have to share this story.  The other day I told it to my friend, Carol, which caused her to burst out loud with laughter.

Last week my 61/2 years old GRANDdaughter got out her sketch book and proceeded to draw me.  I was smitten to watch, from the corner of my eye, while she looked at me then drew a little, then looked at me again and drew some more.  My heart was melting with pure love and connection in that moment.  I was smiling from ear to ear.  Several times I had to focus on my breathing to prevent tears from flowing down my cheeks, I was that moved.  She told me not to look because she wanted it to be a surprise.  She continued to draw.  A short while later she was finished and proudly exclaimed.... "Here you go, Grandma!"
My jaws ached from smiling so big!!!
We talked about the picture.  Delaina began to tell me what everything was and I could even visualize her concept.  I'm sitting on a loveseat with my legs crossed.  There is a lamp behind me (not a floating hat).  She gave me longer hair just to see what I would look like.  OK - I get all that.  I asked her what the lines were on my face and she said, "Those are the ones that you have when you smile".  What??  I maintained my loving GRANDma composure while my inner critic was gleefully jumping up and down with joy  that I was just told I had big lines on my face.   I politely excused myself to the bathroom with the intention of confirming that this was a false speculation.  Can you imagine my dismay when I smiled into the mirror and I actually saw those same lines?  I was floored!!  I had no idea!!

Fast forward...when I got home that evening I looked into the mirror and smiled again.  Damn...those lines were still there.  I was taken back by the way those lines were impacting my esteem.  I stood in front of the mirror trying to find a way to smile that wouldn't show those lines.  There was none.  It was then I realized I was at a crossroads.  I could let those smiles lines bother me enough that it would affect my inner joy and I would stop smiling "from my heart" OR I could embrace them.   It didn't take me long to put it all in perspective.  They are only lines, that's all.  I am going to continue to smile!  I, now, see them as quotation marks, to mark the beginning and end of a smile from my heart!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Steve Harvey

This is such a powerful message.
I added this as a blog post for 2 reasons.
#1.  I wanted to share it with you.
#2.  I wanted it to be readily available for me to listen to as often as I see fit.

I can't seem to get enough of great messages to help propel me forward.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Room 363

I feel so, so blessed that my art is included in Room 363, a prestigious store downtown Naperville, IL. It's a lifestyle store specializing in one of a kind gifts, home d├ęcor, and accessories. The expansion is now complete on the second floor where there is plenty for your eyes to behold. It is definitely a store to visit. As you walk up the stairs you will see on the wall a collection of my Nuggets of Inspiration. Scattered throughout the store is my original art.Here's the link to the FaceBook page where you can see more.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

One of the reasons...

This is only one of the reasons I LOVE being an artist.
I got an email from Nancy with a note that said:

"I have a childhood memory about fairies----and your collage woke it up.
I have tried to make it a free verse poem for you----"

When I was very little
And still convinced that there were fairies
Somewhere in our back yard
Along the row of peonies, perhaps,
Or alongside the sandbox beneath the apricot tree
Or amongst the branches
Of our two, tall cherry trees.

I waited
Beneath the wild honeysuckle bush
Watching for the glimmer of gossamer wings
Listening for tiny laughter from cheery faces
Convinced that if I could be
So silent
So still
So watchful 
And so patient
That I might see them
And hear a feathery whisper
Come join us

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Let me share with you a video of one of my drawings that I did on my iPad using the app ProCreate. 
I find that I am practicing drawing more.    That's a good thing! 
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