Saturday, May 11, 2019

Blessed and filled with gratitude.

I have been blessed this past week!
I am filled with gratitude!
 In my heart I want to explode and tell you guys in depth all the details of everything I am feeling and why yet when it comes to the written word I lack in confidence.  I don't seem to find the right words.  So when I made the first two sentences in larger print just know there is a lot of heartfelt-ness that goes along with it.

On Wednesday I posted about being offered a solo art show, which is super cool.  Here's the link.
I SOLD 2 pieces of art.

It feels so good when people connect with my art, after all, you are my motivation and driving force.
Then we my art is purchase it I overflow with gratitude!  Seriously... tears and all!!!
It took me a while but now I realize that selling my art is part of the equation to continue being an artist.

Here are the two pieces that have found a new home.
Rise Up Toward the Light 
STEADFAST (like a tree)

I finished two pieces of new art.
The first one has been added to my website.  The other one will be added when after it's titled.   I am waiting on it to be revealed to me.
"And So It Is"
16" x 20" x 3/4"
gallery wrapped canvas
$260.00 includes US shipping
IF interested, let me know
not titled yet
22" x 28" x 3/4"
gallery wrapped canvas
IF interested, let me know

I have a piece from 2018 that became one of the 9 finalist chosen for the Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine.  I fused the canvas onto textured wood and added more interest.  She's done and will be heading to my website soon.

12" x 12" x 1/2"
canvas on wood
$180,00 includes US shipping
IF interested, let me know
Thank You for your continued support and encouragement.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

when a door opens

Photo by:  Jan Tinneberg (Unsplash)

Yesterday I was presented with the opportunity to do a solo art show at Gallery 338 and I said... YES!
This solo art show marks another first for me.  I am thrilled!

The show will be June 1- 29
Gallery 338
338 S. Armore Ave.
Villa Park, IL

I will provide more details when I get them.
✔️  Right now... mark your calendar!!!  

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Sedona Trip

I just returned from a solo trip to Sedona, AZ. for 7 days. My intention for this trip was to be still, grounding, understanding, and releasing.  
I chose an Airbnb that was an Eco Retro Art Retreat. The hosts were fabulous! Adam is an abstract artist and author of several books. One of them I read while I was there. It was the perfect place for me to be. There was no TV and no WiFi.  
I rose very early each day excited to see what would unfold. I did many adventures in nature, hiking, and climbing as far as I could go. These stories were posted on FaceBook.  
If you want to see them --> CLICK HERE

Outside of my door was a veranda for my use only.  
It was lovely!  
Each night I would take my art supplies, consisting of pastel pencils, outside spending time drawing in my journal.
Here are the drawings that came from those times.

On my last night there Adam commissioned me to draw his sister.

It was one of the best gifts I could give myself.
I will, indeed, be doing it again!

Returning to the fundamentals

photo by: Frank Busch on Unsplash
I started this blog in 2011 it was a means to document my creative journey, later in life and not being sure of what to do.  I simply put one foot in front of the other and trusted it would be revealed to me.   The truth is, most times I was bombarded by self-doubt.  I had never painted or drawn before so I was venturing out into the unknown.  I would use these writings/photos as a reference point to look back in time.  I could see where I was in comparison to where I am at the  present time.   I could see there was improvement, even on a small scale, that gave me the encouragement to keep going.  Today, I still feel those moments of self doubt yet along the way I have gained more confidence then when I started and more tools to help me overcome any of those negative thoughts.

This site, also, was intended to be an encouragement for anyone else who was interested in doing something out of their comfort.  You can begin by reading some of my earlier posts.

You see.. one of the things that frightened me the most was I would compare myself to others.  The really good artists.  Duh!!!  Now I know not to do that.   It would stop me dead in my tracks until one day it dawned on me that they had to begin at the beginning, too.

I remembered a song from a long time ago that inspired me and I started listening to it again.  HERE'S THE LINK TO WATCH

Here are some of the lyrics that I like:
It's not where you start, it's where you finish.
It's not how you go, it's how you land.
A hundred to one shot, they call him a klutz 
Can out-run the favorite, all he needs is the guts.
Your final return will not diminish
And you can be the cream of the crop;
It's not where you start, it's where you finish,
And you're gonna finish on top.

I have gotten more involved in creating art, selling my art, art shows/galleries, teaching, and learning that I have been remiss with this site.  That is going to change.  I am returning to the fundamentals of this blog,  Sharing my creative journey as I let my creative spirit out to play.

You can follow me via email or sign on as a follower.  These choices and others are on the sidebar of my homepage.

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