Saturday, March 22, 2014

Who knew? Certainly not me.

I am so excited about learning and implementing new techniques and finding ways to create with what would be considered a non-art products.  This one, I'm sure, I will use many times in the future.  I squealed with excitement as the results unfolded.  I added the finished page  to my Create Art with Abandon journal.  Here's the process: 
On a 7 x 11  140# water color paper  I adhered a sheet music for the background.  Followed by a white wash to tone down the image of the sheet music.  I, then, applied this awesome product in 4 different ways. #1 I cut strips and adhered it with soft gel medium.  After it was dried I took a heat gun to it.  It melted, the edges curled, small holes appeared and then this awesome texture.       #2 I cut a piece and sewed around the edges on my sewing machine (bottom)  then I used the heat gun.  It melted in areas and created rugged holes.  This was way too cool!            #3 Then I wanted to see what affect it would have if I only glued the edges (top left).  After the gel medium dried I used the heat gun, again.  The same thing happened as with the bottom.  It melted and created holes.  Because it was a smaller section it all became one big hole.  This created a frame and it became a perfect place to add my thought.                                                  #4  I cut out flower shapes and glued them down, after the glue was dry I used a heat gun.  Just look how those little flowers curled up!  I am smitten!
Of course, I then finished off the project with color.  All the while I kept smiling at the results of my allusive product.  Were you able to guess what product I used?  Drum roll please........ it was a used Priority Mail tyvek envelope.  Who knew?  Certainly not me.

Why don't you try it and let me see what you create.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

5 pages to add

I have 5 more pages added  to my "Create Art with Abandon" journal that I want to show you.  The purpose of this book is to create just for the fun of creating, without any expectations.  That is what I am doing and it is so liberating.  All the while I am gaining experience.  Most of these pages started from left over paint from my brush or pallette that I didn't want to waste.   If I have a feeling I want to express,  I create art about it.  If I learn a new technique, I create art with it.  Through this process I am learning who I am as a artist and I am ever so grateful for this opportunity.  One day I will emerge from my cocoon just like a butterfly!  In the meantime I will continue to create art with abandon!

Thanks to all of you for your encouraging words and support.  I truly appreciate it!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Choose Love

This morning I woke up with a case of the "blahs".  There was no special reason that I could think of but I had them anyway.  After I sat around for a while I wanted to change things up a bit.  I decided to intuitively create.  I went into my studio  and turned some music on, really loud.  Usually I create in silence because I enjoy the solitude.  I got a piece of watercolor paper and wrote how I was feeling on the entire page.  That felt good just to get all that sh*t out of my head.   Before long I was slapping paint on the page over my written words. I wasn't even aware of my paint colors.  I turned the page sideways and grabbed a marked and wrote in real big letter Balance is the key.  Then I ripped pages from a vintage book and tore them into hearts.   I painted, sanded and painted again.  I took out my charcoal pencil and started to draw and before I knew it an angel had appeared.  This was the awesome part!!  At that moment I knew, without a doubt, the answer of my blahs.  Life is life-it cycles up and it cycles down.  No matter what we experiencing we ALWAYS have a choice as to how we will handle it.  It boils down to a choice of two - love or fear.  I choose love!!
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