Saturday, March 22, 2014

Who knew? Certainly not me.

I am so excited about learning and implementing new techniques and finding ways to create with what would be considered a non-art products.  This one, I'm sure, I will use many times in the future.  I squealed with excitement as the results unfolded.  I added the finished page  to my Create Art with Abandon journal.  Here's the process: 
On a 7 x 11  140# water color paper  I adhered a sheet music for the background.  Followed by a white wash to tone down the image of the sheet music.  I, then, applied this awesome product in 4 different ways. #1 I cut strips and adhered it with soft gel medium.  After it was dried I took a heat gun to it.  It melted, the edges curled, small holes appeared and then this awesome texture.       #2 I cut a piece and sewed around the edges on my sewing machine (bottom)  then I used the heat gun.  It melted in areas and created rugged holes.  This was way too cool!            #3 Then I wanted to see what affect it would have if I only glued the edges (top left).  After the gel medium dried I used the heat gun, again.  The same thing happened as with the bottom.  It melted and created holes.  Because it was a smaller section it all became one big hole.  This created a frame and it became a perfect place to add my thought.                                                  #4  I cut out flower shapes and glued them down, after the glue was dry I used a heat gun.  Just look how those little flowers curled up!  I am smitten!
Of course, I then finished off the project with color.  All the while I kept smiling at the results of my allusive product.  Were you able to guess what product I used?  Drum roll please........ it was a used Priority Mail tyvek envelope.  Who knew?  Certainly not me.

Why don't you try it and let me see what you create.


  1. Hello, Teresa! What gorgeous artwork I've just been browsing here :) I popped by to let you know that I received one of your 'Liberate Your Art' 2014 cards, thank you, it's beautiful! x



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