Thursday, June 11, 2015

Speak your truth

Yesterday, literally all day... I  created in my friend's, Maritza, art studio with her.  She has one of those studios that cause me to salivate.  It was so spacious with everything she would need within her grasp, places to create sitting or standing and it had an all around good vibe to it.   Maritza is a fearless painter and she likes to paint big, beautiful pieces.  She's skilled in acrylic, oil, and her favorite is water color.  She has multiple shelves packed with art journals, yummy art journals, that she has created over the years.  Her house is adorned with drawings from her grandmother that dates back to 1909, can you imagne over 100 years ago.  Creating is in her genes, for sure.  She is carrying on her grandmother's legacy.   We painted, we shared tips, we laughed, we painted some more.  A day  I'm sure we will repeat.

I went to Maritza's house with a 14 x18 canvas that already had some watercolor markings on it from my GRANDson.  And, as it is said, the rest is history.  Naturally I gravitated toward a face, this one being a little more toward abstract.  Here is what my piece looked like when I left Maritza's studio.
When I got home I sat her on my easel and decided to follow a suggestion I've heard many time before,  "let the art speak to you".   That is precisely what it did.  As I laid down for the night, sleep eluded me.  Tossing and turning, unable to sleep, it was as if I was drawn to return to the canvas.  So... off to the studio I went.  
After some changes were made to her appearance, her message to deliver became apparent, 
Speak Your Truth.

Monday, June 8, 2015

I am Queen

There are times in my life that I loose track of who I am.  My intention is to  keep asking those important questions, to myself, that will solidify who I am.  Sometimes I get caught in the trap of listening to opinions of other people of what I should or should not be doing.  The part that frustrates me the most is that I know better.  

Thus I created this little piece to remind me:
Amid all the chaos and the confusion from outside sources I want to remember who I am, (The Queen) what I want, and then set out to accomplish those very things.  The Queen is in charge of her kingdom, her domain, herself.  When I firmly know what I want it will not be as easy for me to to be swayed by the opinions of others.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

I discovered a creative space

In a garden section of our backyard  I finally, reluctantly, consented for my husband to relocate a Miss Lilac bush.  John has been wanting to move this bush for the past 2 years and I kept resisting saying that "it is good right where it is".   This spring he brought the subject up again,  The difference is, this time I no longer felt the need to resist.  I actually began to get excited.  Not sure why.

Last Sunday we moved her (little Miss Kim) from the garden area into a spot all by herself.  I tidied up the garden area where she has been.  It was then my neighbor gave me some Black Eyed Susans.  A meaning for Black Eyed Susans is Encouragement.  That made my heart smile.   I planted them in the spot where the lilac bush was.  That evening John and I both remarked at how open and welcoming the space became after the bush was moved.  I had to agree with him and just knew that he had to be thinking "I told you so".   Yet it didn't matter because the space did look inviting, and cute!  Three days later the spot really spoke to me.  It was calling my name (figuratively speaking).  I moved a chair into the space, grabbed my supplies and I headed out to what has now been deemed as my outside studio.  Early in the morning I found myself strolling to my place of encouragement where I would spend several hours drawing to my hearts content.  Even the birds are welcoming me closer to their little world.

 I have discovered a creative space  nestled under a graceful magnolia tree.

Monday, June 1, 2015

The memory of a smile

Each of us have a story we could tell how a smile given or received changed the course of events in our lives.
I know I could sit here and tell you many stories.  

Since the early 80's I began to really appreciate the value of a smile regardless of any imperfections my worldly mind has placed in my head.  I have a broad smile, most times my gums are showing, creating multiple smile lines all around my cheeks, and streaks of those same lines extending from my eyes.  When I was a little girl I use to not smile much because the others kids made fun of me and called me gummy.  Imagine that!  Smiles are not just the curvature of ones lips, it's a way to express, from your heart, when words may not be enough.

One morning last year, as I woke up, this idea was in my head.  It's been residing in my heart waiting to come to fruition.  Lately,  I've been feeling little nudges , again, urging me to get this out of my heart and out into the world.   This time I decided to listen and act upon it.  This is my vision so far, it could change,  because I am trying to follow my heart

I am asking that you, YES YOU, join me and these ladies above.
It's really simple.  All you have to do is:
  • Send me a hi-res photo of you smiling.  (Note:  you probably already have one on your facebook timeline)  
  • Email it to me at and the subject line should say Smiling Project.
  • When I get your photo I will do a charcoal drawing of you which will eventually become part of a larger piece of art.
Let me close with this poem that will give you a glimpse into the value of a smile.  Then come join in the fun.

A Smile
Consider for a little while
The power of the human smile.
It may seem such a minor thing,
But it can cause one's heart to sing!
In times of sorrow or despair,
It's silent message is, "I care."
If one is feeling weak and spent,
A smile conveys encouragement.
When anger drives two folks apart,
A smile can mean a brand-new start.
Between two people who have cared,
A smile recalls a moment shared.
When fears have someone all up-tight,
A smile says, "It will be alright."
When separation brings a tear,
A smile says, "I'll be waiting here."
And then, as well, it has the knack
Of saying, warmly "Welcome Back."
A smile's the sunshine after rain,
A smile's the joy that follows pain.
Oh, what a difference it makes!
What little effort smiling takes!
Consider then, for just a while,
The power of the human smile.
A smile is not a minor thing
Its use can cause one's heart to sing.

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