Monday, June 1, 2015

The memory of a smile

Each of us have a story we could tell how a smile given or received changed the course of events in our lives.
I know I could sit here and tell you many stories.  

Since the early 80's I began to really appreciate the value of a smile regardless of any imperfections my worldly mind has placed in my head.  I have a broad smile, most times my gums are showing, creating multiple smile lines all around my cheeks, and streaks of those same lines extending from my eyes.  When I was a little girl I use to not smile much because the others kids made fun of me and called me gummy.  Imagine that!  Smiles are not just the curvature of ones lips, it's a way to express, from your heart, when words may not be enough.

One morning last year, as I woke up, this idea was in my head.  It's been residing in my heart waiting to come to fruition.  Lately,  I've been feeling little nudges , again, urging me to get this out of my heart and out into the world.   This time I decided to listen and act upon it.  This is my vision so far, it could change,  because I am trying to follow my heart

I am asking that you, YES YOU, join me and these ladies above.
It's really simple.  All you have to do is:
  • Send me a hi-res photo of you smiling.  (Note:  you probably already have one on your facebook timeline)  
  • Email it to me at and the subject line should say Smiling Project.
  • When I get your photo I will do a charcoal drawing of you which will eventually become part of a larger piece of art.
Let me close with this poem that will give you a glimpse into the value of a smile.  Then come join in the fun.

A Smile
Consider for a little while
The power of the human smile.
It may seem such a minor thing,
But it can cause one's heart to sing!
In times of sorrow or despair,
It's silent message is, "I care."
If one is feeling weak and spent,
A smile conveys encouragement.
When anger drives two folks apart,
A smile can mean a brand-new start.
Between two people who have cared,
A smile recalls a moment shared.
When fears have someone all up-tight,
A smile says, "It will be alright."
When separation brings a tear,
A smile says, "I'll be waiting here."
And then, as well, it has the knack
Of saying, warmly "Welcome Back."
A smile's the sunshine after rain,
A smile's the joy that follows pain.
Oh, what a difference it makes!
What little effort smiling takes!
Consider then, for just a while,
The power of the human smile.
A smile is not a minor thing
Its use can cause one's heart to sing.

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