Sunday, June 7, 2015

I discovered a creative space

In a garden section of our backyard  I finally, reluctantly, consented for my husband to relocate a Miss Lilac bush.  John has been wanting to move this bush for the past 2 years and I kept resisting saying that "it is good right where it is".   This spring he brought the subject up again,  The difference is, this time I no longer felt the need to resist.  I actually began to get excited.  Not sure why.

Last Sunday we moved her (little Miss Kim) from the garden area into a spot all by herself.  I tidied up the garden area where she has been.  It was then my neighbor gave me some Black Eyed Susans.  A meaning for Black Eyed Susans is Encouragement.  That made my heart smile.   I planted them in the spot where the lilac bush was.  That evening John and I both remarked at how open and welcoming the space became after the bush was moved.  I had to agree with him and just knew that he had to be thinking "I told you so".   Yet it didn't matter because the space did look inviting, and cute!  Three days later the spot really spoke to me.  It was calling my name (figuratively speaking).  I moved a chair into the space, grabbed my supplies and I headed out to what has now been deemed as my outside studio.  Early in the morning I found myself strolling to my place of encouragement where I would spend several hours drawing to my hearts content.  Even the birds are welcoming me closer to their little world.

 I have discovered a creative space  nestled under a graceful magnolia tree.


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