Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm back.

John and I just returned from a trip to Sedona, AZ.- we were there for our anniversary. 
Sedona is known for it's beautiful and majestic red rocks.
This is Bell Rock, one of my favorites.
We totally enjoyed our week climbing the rocks and walking the trails.  Climbing those big red rocks taught me, again, about trust.  There were many times that I wasn't sure I could go further.  John would encourage me over and over again until I mustered up the courage to take one more step.  What a metaphor for life, having the courage to take one more step forward

In the evening we often ended up in the hot tub, with a cocktail in hand, of course.  We met some wonderful and fun people while relaxing and reminiscing about our adventures of the day.  I met 2 incredible women - I hope to stay in touch with both of them.  It wasn't until the last day that I learned one of them is about to become a "brave girl" and finally push thru her fear to move toward her dream.   I know how exciting and scary that can be, changing your whole prospective about your life and where it is going.  Yet with each step forward, even each baby step,  the fear starts to loose it's intensity and you get to reap the rewards.  Just like when I pushed thru the fear of climbing, by going one more step up on the red rocks it gave me confidence to keep going.  It was then I reaped the rewards to sit at the very top of Cathedral Rock and receive all the energy it had to offer.  AND how sweet it was!!!
I'm all charged up!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

she understands

Do you remember having those moments when something just seems to click and you “totally get it”? I recently had one of those moments.

When Steve Jobs died, approx. 2 weeks ago, it had an impact on me. I was wanting to more about his life and what he had accomplished in such a short time. I, like many other readers, came across the commencement speech he gave at Standford University in 2005. I listened to it many times on YouTube and was quite captivated by what he had to say. When I listened to him talk about connecting the dots I felt like another piece of my puzzle had been found. Intellectually, I know that all things happen for a reason and that my life, and everyone else’s life, has a purpose. It’s as if the information finally made it’s way to my heart. Since listening to that speech on YouTube, I have spent many hours remembering things that have happened in my past and realizing how each life experience, good and not so good, has brought me to where I am today.

I created this piece as a reminder to me and to all others to continue to have faith and keep moving in the direction of your dreams.  Keep believing that all future dots will connect, too. And if you start to doubt it, just pause for a moment and reflect into your past and connect those dots then realize you are just where you are suppose to be.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have been steadily working in my studio and loving every minute.  I am learning so much and meeting some incredible women  along the way,  with the same aspirations to let their creative spirit out to play.  It's easy to start believing more in myself when I hear other stories that sound similar to mine.  The thread we all have in common is we just began.  I want to encourage anyone who is reading this to take a moment and just imagine letting your creative spirit out to play.  I encourage you just to begin, even with the smallest step.  When you do, let me know so I can pay my support forward!

...believe in ALL the possibilities, whatever they may be.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Imagine Possibilties

This is my 3rd girl drawing/painting and she tested me in many ways-my patience and my self confidence, just to name a few.  I found myself struggling with the dreaded perfectionism, a feature I knew I possessed, a little,  but I didn't realize it had such a grip on me.  I just couldn't get the hair to go the way I wanted it to go.  I was at my wits end!  I'm not exactly sure why but I thought of my sister Bonnie which led me to put a big flower on her head.  When I did that it seemed like her whole face just came alive.  The hair was no longer and issue.  I was now smiling instead of feeling deflated.

When we imagine the possibilities, not just in a painting but it life, then do something out of the ordinary it can totally change the whole frame of the situation we are in.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Be Still

One of the things I want most in my life is to "learn to be still".  To quiet my mind.  Become more in touch with my spirit and learn to allow my intuition to guide me.  I journal about that desire regularly.  But..... I find myself getting caught in the life trap. 

Last week I went into my studio and this piece of art is what I created.  This is my second attempt at drawing.  I am kinda liking what is happening.  Just imagine - if I combined my tenacity to learn how to draw with being still what the result would be.  It makes my heart smile just to think about it.  Writing the above sentence causes to me pause.  I want more than anything to live out my dream of creating art.

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