Friday, October 21, 2011

she understands

Do you remember having those moments when something just seems to click and you “totally get it”? I recently had one of those moments.

When Steve Jobs died, approx. 2 weeks ago, it had an impact on me. I was wanting to more about his life and what he had accomplished in such a short time. I, like many other readers, came across the commencement speech he gave at Standford University in 2005. I listened to it many times on YouTube and was quite captivated by what he had to say. When I listened to him talk about connecting the dots I felt like another piece of my puzzle had been found. Intellectually, I know that all things happen for a reason and that my life, and everyone else’s life, has a purpose. It’s as if the information finally made it’s way to my heart. Since listening to that speech on YouTube, I have spent many hours remembering things that have happened in my past and realizing how each life experience, good and not so good, has brought me to where I am today.

I created this piece as a reminder to me and to all others to continue to have faith and keep moving in the direction of your dreams.  Keep believing that all future dots will connect, too. And if you start to doubt it, just pause for a moment and reflect into your past and connect those dots then realize you are just where you are suppose to be.


  1. Good post. Steve Jobs passing made me think about my mortality. Am I using my gifts? Am I doing what God wants me to with my life? Life is so short we just need to do exactly as you stated - connect the dots and see we are moving forward and progressing even if it isn't as swiftly as we would like.
    Love the artwork. She is beautiful!

  2. Love your painting and words. I really needed to hear this today!

  3. lovely. thank you!

  4. I'm inspired by this. Your words, the art work you created, your deep insight...this is just amazing.

    You go, girl!

  5. I also had an aha moment with his connect the dots phrase. That man had vision! On my blog hop, but getting so tied into all the blogs...reading them to their beginnings that it is going to take me weeks to get through them all. I love everyones story, yours included! Look forward to reading and seeing more! Julie



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