I am a self-taught mixed media artist with many hours spent in my studio honing my craft.  I earn a living selling my art and leading creative workshops.

My art is forever changing and evolving yet my purpose remains the same, creating inspirational art depicting Simple Truths/Simple Reminders to perhaps serve as a beacon of light in those "not so bright" times.

It was a cold February day in 2011 when my creative journey officially began.  It was a pivotal time and I remember it vividly.  I had just celebrated my birthday and I began to question if there was more to life than what I was experiencing.  My life was good yet I felt it there was more.   I had no idea what to do or which direction to go so I committed to simply put one foot in front of the other and keep on moving forward, knowing that eventually it would all be revealed to me.  Along the way, I am being guided in directions I should go.  Sometimes I listen and follow, other times I’ve allowed fear to derail me.  Once I realize that fear has me in it's grip I push thru to the other side.  I am forever changed from that day I decided to began down this creative path.  I've heard it said, "Magical things can happen when you let your creative spirit out to play".  Now I understand!  I am discovering things about myself I didn't know existed.  I am committed to continue learning and sharing all that I learn with others.

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