Sunday, January 8, 2023

Look at what I found.

The intention of my blog has been to document my creative journey.  That's why this story is significant.

Today I was going thru art stuff that I've been holding onto.  To my surprise I came upon 5 pieces of art on watercolor paper that I did in 2019.  This was over 3 years ago.  The sizes range from 18x24 to 20x24.  

Let me explain the significance of these pieces...                                                                                                           I began my creative art journey in 2011, I was 59 yrs old.  I had no art experience I just "knew" I was suppose to be an artist, creating art.  So I began.  

 Here's the link if you want to read that story --->   

This journey has been filled with it's ebbs and flows yet even in the lowest times I knew I was never going to quit.  I am better now but for years I didn't believe I was good enough.  I was caught up in the comparison game which held me back.  Today I find myself doing the same thing but I have learned to recognize it and I shift my thoughts.

Currently  I have been struggling with creating and learning the principles of abstract art.  When I discovered these pieces today my heart was warmed and I was filled with gratitude.  I am taking it as a message to just keep doing what I'm doing and keep believing.

I realize there may be more that can be done to some of these pieces.  I am just so pleased to have recovered them.

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