Sunday, November 30, 2014

Telling My Story #5

By this time on my journey I had come to realize how important it was to create every day.  Most days I had no clue what I was doing but I kept on creating anyway.  I was beginning to believe that I really could do this.  By this I mean... be an artist.  I was beginning to believe in myself enough to believe that I could fly. (metaphorically speaking, of course)  All the flowers were to represent growth and blooming where you are.  I didn't know much about creating art but I have always known to keep moving forward and I would find my way.  The butterfly represents that I can do anything with a little help.  At this time in my life I was becoming acquainted with other women/artist who were on a similar venture.  To hear their stories of where they were to see where they are now was extremely instrumental in building faith in myself.  Still, to this day, I love hearing stories behind the artist.  I find each and everyone of them uplifting.  

Saturday, November 29, 2014

great gift idea


I have been making these journals for several people and they are turning out to be excellent gifts.  They are affordable, personable, and just darn cute!

I look forward to creating a special custom journal for you.

Friday, November 21, 2014


I woke up one morning with a heavy feeling of melancholy. (a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no 
obvious cause)  I was about to start my day, like any other day,  yet the feeling lingered.  I decided to shift
things.  I was going to sit with the feeling and ask "what am I to be learning"?  During my morning
meditation I wept.  Typically I  would try to stop the tears but this time I didn't.   I grabbed kleenex 
instead.  I continued to sit with the feeling while my inquiring mind was being rather active.  "What am
to be learning?"  
I was prompted to take out my
drawing pad and I drew what I 
believed being melancholy 
looked like.  I'd like to say the 
feeling dissipated during the 
drawing time but it  didn't.  

What did I learn?  Nothing 
new.  I'm sure we all know this.    
On this day, I learned it in a 
new way.  Being melancholy 
(blue) isn't a bad thing.  It is 
simply a feeling. One thing for 
certain about being a human 
is we come with a boat load of 
feelings.  I believe that all of 
them serve a purpose at some 
time.  The real bonus is we 
have the power to choose 
which feeling(s) to hold onto 
and which one(s) to let go 

Time has past since that 
melancholic day and I am
pleased to announce that I 
have returned to my optimistic, 
creative, cheerful, encouraging
supportive, productive, self.    
And I am grateful for all that I 
am learning.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Telling My Story #4

At this time on my creative path I began to "Imagine the Possibilities".  My mind was filling with many ideas and aspirations.   I was feeling unstoppable until I drew this girl.  She was my 3rd drawing/painting and she challenged me from the beginning.  Thru the process of drawing her she revealed to me that I was afflicted with perfectionism.  I just couldn't get her, particularly her hair, to be perfect!    It dampened my spirits for only a short while then I surrendered and just added a flower to her head.  It actually turned out cute!

This lesson of letting go of perfectionism was the beginning of many more to come.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Telling My Story #3

October 2011

In September 2011, I had just finished the a 5 week e-course,  Flying Lessons, with Kelly Rae Roberts.  I was given knowledge of how to take my passion and  turn it into a business.  I was thrilled!  I became acquainted with other artists from the class pursuing a similar goal.   And now some of those ladies are my closest friends.  My Mom had always said to me, "You become the company that you keep" so I was eager to embrace this opportunity and to create new friendships.

One evening, I sat down and drew this girl, she was my 2nd face to ever draw.  With deep hesitation I posted her on my blog.  I had to push thru to do this because I was fearful of being judged by other artists.

Caught up in the excitement I wasn't aware of the little gremlins working against me in my head.  They slowly picked at my newly acquired confidence causing me to doubt myself and the possibility of my dream ever coming true. After being the hostess at my own pity-party for what seemed like forever,  I went into my studio and painted from my heart.  I now know the term as being "intuitive painting".   This young lady (my first girl to ever paint) appeared with a message so simple, so yet profound.  I had temporarily forgotten that my strength comes from within.  Because I am human it is easy to get off track from time to time.  I decided that I would make it a priority to Be Still.  There is a tremendous amount of pleasure in the silence when you are still.  The integral and monumental first step to my realignment was to become still, really still, and listen to my inner guidance.  I have always believed my creative path was a gift from the Universe/God and hearing the whispers from my soul will be heard when I become still.  

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Telling My Story #2

(you can read how it all began by clicking the link above)
June 2011
As my 2nd piece of art came to life, I began to feel a little more confident.   I thought, IF I AM  being guided by the Universe/God then it was my responsibility to Believe and act accordingly.    Early on, back in the 80's, I was given a book which I devoured called "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David Schwartz. (I have decided to re-read it not)  The title says it all.  Sometimes we limit ourselves by thinking or believing small, especially when we are doing something out of our comfort zone.  At the time this piece was created I was determined to believe BIG.  I had no idea what I was doing but I knew I was in charge of my attitude.  So... off I went.  

My belief was bolstered when I sold this piece within a week of creating it!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tell My Story #1

Today in my studio... listening to ethereal music by Ludovico Einaudi while a candle flickers softly in the distance, and the sweet fragrance of Nag Champa Flower incense fills my studio as my hands steadily prepare prints of my original artwork for our Art & Gift show.  I became more aware how profoundly connected I am to my art.   Each piece tells a story, it would seem to be my story since I created the art yet at the same time it is everyone's story.  I became teary eyed with that realization and a calm, peaceful feeling enveloped me.  It was as if I now know on a deeper level what I have always thought.  Me doing art is much, much more than brush strokes or pencil markings.  My art is about the story.   We are all alike, we all feel the same feelings, from time to time, just in a little different way.  My stories aren't unique.  I am simply expressing them thru my art.  This explains why people resonate with my art.  As I look back I can see that my soul was whispering this to me thru my experience at Fort Vallonia Days a couple weeks ago. in my studio... while I listened  to ethereal music by Ludovico Einaudi while a candle flickered softly in the distance, and the sweet fragrance of Champa Flower incense filled  my studio... I got it, I truly got it.

Following comes the inspiration from today's nudges.   Tell the story behind each and every piece of art.  Each story is important to share.   Perhaps you will identify with the story plus you will learn more about the artist behind the art... called ME!

This is Tell My Story #1.
June 2011
This was my very first painting.  It was me beginning to work thru the notion that I am "good enough,  just as I am".  As a child I never felt that I fit in.  I always seemed to be an outcast.  That scenario continued into my adolescent years followed by my young adult life.  It would be fair to say that I have spent a good portion of my life not believing I was good enough.  When I answered the calling in 2011 to follow my creative path it stirred many uneasy feelings.  Once again I was in turmoil over the repetitive question.  Am I good enough?  Would I ever be good enough to make it in the art world?  The pivotal difference between then and now is I know that we all face fears often in our lives, that we all feel unworthy from time to time, that we all are sad, lonely, and afraid.   For sure, you will get knocked down often, just get back up.

The answer to the question is -  if you don't fit into one vase (metaphorically speaking) that's OK.  It doesn't mean you aren't good enough.    Bloom where you are planted and improve upon it to the best of your ability.   YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH - JUST AS YOU ARE!

Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm stretching

This was my week last week...  

This is how my week is starting today... Magical Monday

I am stretching...
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