Friday, November 21, 2014


I woke up one morning with a heavy feeling of melancholy. (a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no 
obvious cause)  I was about to start my day, like any other day,  yet the feeling lingered.  I decided to shift
things.  I was going to sit with the feeling and ask "what am I to be learning"?  During my morning
meditation I wept.  Typically I  would try to stop the tears but this time I didn't.   I grabbed kleenex 
instead.  I continued to sit with the feeling while my inquiring mind was being rather active.  "What am
to be learning?"  
I was prompted to take out my
drawing pad and I drew what I 
believed being melancholy 
looked like.  I'd like to say the 
feeling dissipated during the 
drawing time but it  didn't.  

What did I learn?  Nothing 
new.  I'm sure we all know this.    
On this day, I learned it in a 
new way.  Being melancholy 
(blue) isn't a bad thing.  It is 
simply a feeling. One thing for 
certain about being a human 
is we come with a boat load of 
feelings.  I believe that all of 
them serve a purpose at some 
time.  The real bonus is we 
have the power to choose 
which feeling(s) to hold onto 
and which one(s) to let go 

Time has past since that 
melancholic day and I am
pleased to announce that I 
have returned to my optimistic, 
creative, cheerful, encouraging
supportive, productive, self.    
And I am grateful for all that I 
am learning.


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