Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Telling My Story #3

October 2011

In September 2011, I had just finished the a 5 week e-course,  Flying Lessons, with Kelly Rae Roberts.  I was given knowledge of how to take my passion and  turn it into a business.  I was thrilled!  I became acquainted with other artists from the class pursuing a similar goal.   And now some of those ladies are my closest friends.  My Mom had always said to me, "You become the company that you keep" so I was eager to embrace this opportunity and to create new friendships.

One evening, I sat down and drew this girl, she was my 2nd face to ever draw.  With deep hesitation I posted her on my blog.  I had to push thru to do this because I was fearful of being judged by other artists.

Caught up in the excitement I wasn't aware of the little gremlins working against me in my head.  They slowly picked at my newly acquired confidence causing me to doubt myself and the possibility of my dream ever coming true. After being the hostess at my own pity-party for what seemed like forever,  I went into my studio and painted from my heart.  I now know the term as being "intuitive painting".   This young lady (my first girl to ever paint) appeared with a message so simple, so yet profound.  I had temporarily forgotten that my strength comes from within.  Because I am human it is easy to get off track from time to time.  I decided that I would make it a priority to Be Still.  There is a tremendous amount of pleasure in the silence when you are still.  The integral and monumental first step to my realignment was to become still, really still, and listen to my inner guidance.  I have always believed my creative path was a gift from the Universe/God and hearing the whispers from my soul will be heard when I become still.  


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