Thursday, July 11, 2019


I am releasing a  new 24" x 36" art, titled, "Unconditionally". 
 I poured my heart and my soul into this piece.  Here's a bit of truth... as I get ready to show you I am both excited and anxious.
Excited because I like how the piece turned out and I overcome obstacles as I created it.  Anxious... well that's just plain ole fear.  Who knows where the fear comes from.  I don't really care.  
What I know is when I step out of a place of comfort and into something new, fear is always there.  Wanting to keep me small. This isn't new to me or to any of us.  I (we) always have a choice for our thoughts.  I've experienced when I choose better thoughts I tend to make better choices.   I chose not to let the anxious/insecure feelings hinder me in any way.  I made a conscious decision to carry on. And you know what... I became more confident.

TRUTH:  The canvas size of 24x36 was a little daunting, tho.   I had said I wanted  to increase the size of my art yet I was planning on doing it in increments.  Then on June 24th  my husband brought home this canvas, saying he wanted me to make something different on it.
Surprise!!!!!         Hmmmm....  OK!
(my initial response) 
Right away I chose some of my favorite paint colors and put them on the canvas.  Not being concerned if the colors went together or where I was placing them, I just wanted to get rid of the intimidating BIG white blank canvas.  
And, you know what?  After I did that I felt ready to begin.

The whole point of me telling you this stuff  is to let you know that when I create art it runs much deeper than simply putting paint on a canvas.  

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