Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my first flower, Debbie Kusch

Come on over to read more about Debbie.  She is my first flower of what will surely be a large bouquet.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm a late bloomer.

I am thrilled to announce that I launched my new blog last nite.  I want to use this site to celebrate other "late bloomers", just like myself.  To provide a place where I can introduce themAccording to Wikepedia,  "a late blooming adult is a person who does not discover their talents and abilities until later than normally expected.”

This project has been perculating since October 2011.  It was the night before I wias to leave for  Sedona, AZ that this loud thought came into my head and wouldn't leave.  I couldn't go to sleep so I got up and starting writing in my journal.  I found myself creating this elaborate plan for a blog.  I barely knew what a blog was at that time.  Loads of thoughts just kept pouring out and I just kept writing.  In the wee hours of the morning I even went on line to acquire the domain name.  After quite a while I felt a sense of relief.  I knew within that I was done wirting all my thoughts down..  I had received the message loud and clear.  I went to bed.  I slept.

The next morning John and I left for our trip.  When we got to Sedona,  we stopped at a open market.  I was drawn to this area where this man had displayed beautiful pieces of photography. I went to get a closer look and complimented him on his beautiful work and he said, "ThankYou, I'm a late bloomer."  I nearly shit my pants!!!! (figurlatively speaking)  I can't even tell you everything I was feeling.  I knew, at that moment, I was on the right track.  Several other things happened on that trip that re-enforced what I knew to be true. 

I got home and "life happened".  It took me until January 2012 to write in my blog and all I did was put up an under construction sign with a projected start date.    On March 26, 2012, I wrote my 2nd entry apolgizing for not making to the initial start date.   When I returned to the site on May 6, 2012 I discovered there was a message from Connie who was visiting my blog encouraging me to get the site going.  I, also, had aquired 2 Google Friends.  That was all I needed to know that I had to act.  I've been wanting to learn how to listen to my intuition and follow so here my my chance, again.  As they say... the rest is history. 

One more thing before I go......

Email me and I will send you details:

Friday, June 22, 2012

what a wonderful world

I was at work.  When the mail lady, Cyndi, comes in we chit chat about things.  I told her about the art abandonment I did yesterday which led to the conversation about random acts of kindness.  It's nice to chat with her, she has a a  laugh that makes me smile when I hear her.   As always, I walk her outside to her mail truck to get some fresh air.  I looked to the right and saw there was a chair underneath the tree.  The very tree that I often sit under, on a rock that is on the back side of the tree.

I was beyond ecstatic!

I know that it was placed there for me and I know who did it.

Cyndi and I busted out laughing as I tell her about the conversation I had recently had with out landlord, Scott.  He's the one who put the chair there. 

It didn't take much coaxing to get Cyndi take my picture while sitting in the chair under the tree.  Which, by the way, is where I will be eating my lunch today.

I LOVE how the Universe steps in when you put it out there what you want.  I have been wanting things to come into my life that will stir up pure joy.  And I am getting just that!  What you send out you get back tenfold.

I know  Scott will be equally as happy when he sees my thank you note.  What a wonderful world we live in, when we can see the wonder.

I am a very grateful  person right now for my eyes being re-opened to how the little things in life can make a difference.  

It reaffirms what I already know:  "If each of us would find a way to bring a smile to someone's day we could make a difference in this world."

Thank You Universe!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

art abandonment

I happened upon a blog this morning.  I'd say it was perfect timing to have found it.  Yesterday I was speaking with a friend about how I wanted to bring back into my life some of the spontaneous, light heartiness I had when I was younger.  She reminded me that it is still there, I just need to use it.  Then I found this blog.  Wasn't looking for it, it just found me.  Thank You, Heather, for letting me speak my desire out loud.  Thank You, Universe, for presenting this wonderful opportunity.  Thank You, Inner Child Teresa, for following through.

The blog is Art Abandonment.  It's about randomly placing pieces of art in public places for other people to discover as gifts.  What a cool concept!  This morning I made something and I had a blast .  When it came time to deliver this piece I was like a little kid.  I was surprised how nervously, giddy I was.

I just returned from abandoning a piece of art. It was soooooo frickin fun! I went to Portillos restaurant and put my piece of art in the toilet area. I was in the stall waiting for everyone to leave the bathroom so I could get a picture. I thought that would be just a little peculiar if they heard me clicking my camera while I was in a stall. People kept coming in so I had to flush several times to cover my camera noise. I was silently laughing hysterically on the inside.

You know the saying that there is more fun in giving than receiving. Well I'd have to agree!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

let me show you

Lately I been creatively busy and it's just the way I like it.  That, also, includes projects with deadlines.  I wanted to show you one project I have been working on. 

Me and 27 other artists will be doing a collaborative journal project.  We were given 2 watercolor pages that measured 15" wide x 11" high.  My initial response when I opened the envelope and saw how big the pages were I thought,  "what have I committed myself to?"  (I'm sure you guys have experienced the feeling sometime in your life.)  Then I started planning in my head my exit strategy.  It took me about a day to recommit to the project and once again overcome what appeared to be FEAR. 

The project is to be two pages facing each other that will go into a book.  The theme is to be an expression of why or what we love to create.  Here's my final piece. 

It sums up how I began my creative journey.  I just decided to begin and "bloom where I was planted".

Thursday, June 14, 2012

off to the boutique

Yesterday I delivered multiple pieces of my artwork to The Ruby Slippers Co..  (click on the previous link and it will take you to the website where you can see the cool story.) I have a really good vibe about this shop!  The owner, Heather, and I seem to "click".  

One of the things I have been journaling about is the desire to have other creative spirits in my life.  I believe that is starting to happen.  In it's own time.  I have been involved with this creative group on line call the Fly Girls since  August 2011.  They have offered advice, support, and friendship and I love getting to know them but nothing takes the place on face to face.  When I was growing up my mother use to say , "you become the company that you keep". 

This creative journey I am on has challenged and rewarded me in more ways than I ever dreamed possible.  It is my firm belief that there are more people out that would benefit to take that first step on their own creative path.  I am so grateful I began, even while my knees being wobbly.  I am so grateful for the friendships I have developed.  As the sign in my studio reads, "Set forth with joy in your heart and follow the path of your dreams."  That is exactly what I am doing!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Ruby Slippers company

I discovered this boutique that recently opened up and will be displaying my art there starting Wednesday.  I had been writing in my journal that I wanted to venture out with my art.  The Universe heard me!! 

Heather the owner, has a neat concept going on. Her house is zoned commercial/residential so she has converted the Garage into her store. I must admit that I was a little envious.  I think the whole concept is so frickin cool!  It's not totally done, right now she has her Garage door opened all the way up and has a pop up tent in the driveway.   She calls it her "pop up store".

She is getting considerable traffic from people passing by who are intrigued, like I was. Once they stop by to check it out Heather's personality captivates them. While I was there another enthusiastic woman came by and the 3 of us sounded like a bunch of hens cackling.  We were talking, laughing, and having a good time.  We weren't drinking either.  It was just a "feel good" place.  Thank You Universe.  I am learning to listen to your guidance.
I feel very fortunate to be able to be part of her adventure. Please visit her facebook site and press her LIKE button in support of what she's doing.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


I just returned from a vacation in Mexico.  John and I have been going there, the same time each year, for the past 12 years.  It's a time that I totally unwind.  I love listening to the ocean, with it's ebb and it's flow.  Reminds me of life, with our ebbs and flows.  As much as I love being in Mexico on vacation, I am always ready to come home and put into action the many things I would think about all day.  I say this often, no matter where you travel or how far you roam there is one thing for certain, there's no place like home.

Here's a photo of my position almost each day, loving every minute of it, too.
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