Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"my bea-u-ti-ful amulet"

I just had to share this story with you and I hope it brings a smile to your face like it does mine. 

My husband bought me a beautiful necklace for Mother's Day  and I decided to wear to my daughter and son-in-law's house for Mother's Day. 

As soon as the grand kids saw me they came running,as usual,  for a BIG Grandma hug.  They give the best hugs ever !  Brayden kisses with his mouth wide open like he's going after a piece of food.  Love it, sloppy and all.  This time it was a little different with Delaina, my granddaughter, she's 3 1/2 yrs. old.  As soon as I picked up Delaina, she  said with such excitement in her voice, "Oh Grandma, you have such a bea-u-ti-ful amulet!"  I smiled and said Thank You but I had no frickin' clue what she was talking about.  Then she asked me if she could touch it!  That's when I realized she was talking about my necklace.  My daughter explained to me it is a gift that was given to Princess Sophia from her father and when she wears it she can hear animals talk.  My heart is filling with emotion by this time.  I am in awe how children find wonder in the little things. Periodically throughout the day she would come over and touch my "amulet".

As we were ready to leave she gently took my hand and pulled me down to her  and she whispered ever so softly in my ear, "when you come babysit can you bring the amulet so I can wear it?" 

I smiled the biggest smile ever and said, "absolutely".
Love those kids!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


I have had the pleasure of witnessing a friend bloom into the artist she always knew she could be.  Pretty much like the flower in the short video.   I has been very rewarding to witness her growth.  Her name is Heather Hanson, read more about her by clicking on the following link.  http://www.therubyslipperscompany.com

Heather has always been creative and artistically inclined and claims that writing is her first love.  She gets really excited after her trips to estates sales where she literally brings home many bags of vintage this or vintage that.  When she tells me about her finds you can see the light grow brighter in her eyes.

Her love of all things vintage, her uncanny ability to formulate words that  inspires and delights, and her creative talents have finally all come together like putting that beautiful puzzle together.  She discovered mixed media art!  This past week end Heather was featured in a Trunk Show sponsored by Cindy fields Design downtown Naperville, IL.  Heather recently opened her Etsy shop where she is offering original whimsical mixed media art.  I invite you to stop by her site and see what she's been creating. http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheRubySlippersCo

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