Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Prayer

"The Prayer"
Charcoal/Joint Compound
14 x18
Canvas panel with shadow frame

I have a ritual that I do when I enter my studio in the morning and it begins with an Affirmative Prayer.  This helps me to center myself and leave my doubtful self out in the hallway.  As soon as I finished saying the prayer I said outloud, "what will I create today?".   There was a canvas panel that was already prepped with joint compound so I grabbed it.  Got my charcoal powder, then I let my creative spirit out to play.  While looking at this finished piece I've said several times that this is totally out of my box.   Then I pondered,  "Is it really?  Or have I just been holding myself back?'  

Thank You for your continued support and encouragement.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Missing in action?

I know it may seem that I have been missing in action yet the truth of it is I have been creatively busy.  This would be a good time to give you my FaceBook page info: which is the place that I post my creations and thoughts as they occur.  Stop over and LIKE my page if you want to stay current with me.

I am a self-taught mixed media artist which means did not go to art school or have any formal training.  It doesn't mean that my work is of less value than someone who did.  My art comes from my heart and there can never be any value placed on that.  What is does mean is there is basic knowledge and understanding of the principles of art that I may lack.  In order to continue to grow and thus offer the best art I possibly can, I do things behind the scenes like taking on-line classes, independent studying, learning from fellow artists, and practice, practice, practice.

I started this journey in August 2011 after I came to realize there was more to life than what I was living.  My life wasn't bad, I just felt  there was more that life had to offer.  I started off just playing in art (I still LOVE to).  As I continued, I became like a sponge to learn all that I could learn.  I knew deep inside that I was being guided along this creative path by the Universe, God, Spirit or whatever the name you want to attach.  I just wasn't certain where it would take me, I still don't know!  Yet I possess enough assurance to keep moving forward.  Along the way the detours have been plenty, yet my  intention is to simply get back on track.

Fast Forward:
It's been over a year now that I lost my job and made the decision to give it a go at being a self-employed artist earning a living from selling my artwork I create in my home studio, and teaching workshops.   I will reveal a weakness I want desperately to myself and marketing my art.  Why?  I'm not truly certain but I have a inkling it's a residual affect of "not feeling good enough" that is derived from my childhood.  Then I think "Get over it!  You're 62 yrs old!!!"  That is what I am intending to do!!  All of my art that I post here, on FaceBook, on my website is always for sale, I will make custom items, as well.   If you are ever interested please send me a message.  When my new and improved website is done I will keep it up to date.

Let's get back to what I've been up to since my last blog entry.  I have been dividing my time between the task of revamping my website to reflect the artist I am today, taking on-line classes, doing custom work for customers, and eagerly creating art.  Let me show you the art I've done since my last post.


Thank You for your continued support and encouragement.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tell All Tuesday

Take a little detour and head on over to Jennibellie's Tell All Tuesday. 
I am the featured artist. You may just learn something about me you don't know.

Honestly...I feel very honored to be able to share my story on Jennibellie's Tell All Tuesday.  My story is my story but it's not that unique.  I am just a woman who aspires to bring out the best in herself and, hopefully, in the process touch as many hearts as I can thru my art.

I want to thank YOU, yes YOU, for all of your encouragement and support while I travel my creative path.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up of 3/2/15

As they say "time flies when you are having fun". 
I have been as busy as a beaver.
I spent one whole day with my GRANDson.  He sure is fun to have around and to talk to.  It's still amazes me what comes out of his mouth.  What he says sometimes stops me in my tracks because I am laughing so hard.  

Last week I spent another whole day with my artist friend, Pam, learning more about cold wax and oil.  Good stuff!  She is what I would call  a "seasoned artist" and is very eager to share what she knows.  She has met her match because I am just as eager to learn.  And learning is exactly what I am doing.  Here is the beginning of a cold wax and oil painting I started.  It's only in the beginning stage but I wanted to share it anyway.  With cold wax and oil you have to allow time between the layers for drying.  So you do a little, then wait, then do a little more, then wait some more.  It's actually therapeutic and teaches patience.  This piece I titled  "Sedona Rising".
I've had several custom orders that I have been working on, as well.  Those always bring a smile to my face.  
This weekend I began tackling re-vamping my website.  So I have been sitting at my desk and my butt is starting to get sore.   Time to get up and get moving.

She was just a little curious to see 
if the grass was greener on the other side.
I did make it a priority to take the time to create another piece of art that wasn't already designated to go somewhere.  This is 9x12 using acrylic paint on water color paperr, matted and ready for someone to take her home.  Is that person you?
The headband and nail polish was inspired by my GRANDdaughter.  The funny part is she recognized the headband, too.
Thank You for your support and encouragement.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

another reason to journal

This morning I took some time to look thru old journals, written ones and art ones.  Journaling serves many purposes for me.  It's a place where I express how I am feeling or what is happening in my life,   what my heart is feeling at that moment.  If I have an issue to resolve I will often finish journaling with a resolution.   When I look back in my journals it's always a good reminder to see how far I have come.  This is especially good if I feel stuck or that I am not making any progress.  This entry was from August 2011.  It tickles me because I can actually relive how I was feeling when I first discovered I was meant to draw.   I even wrote I was convinced that I can draw people.  Here I am 3 1/2 yrs. later still working toward that dream.  There's something about re-reading this posts that gives me more incentive to keep going.  Mayber move even faster.

I did notice something... at the end of the post, after I drew her face, I wrote "I know she needs work but for my first drawing I'm frickin' excited".  I am profoundly aware that I am still saying pretty much the same thing after I draw.  It is my intention to stop saying that.
One step further I followed up with an entry in my art journal.

Thank You from the depth of my heart for all of your encouragement and support
 as I travel down my creative path.
It would not have been the same without you cheering on the sidelines.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up of 2/23/15

My week started with a creative burst and continued through out the week.  Just love it when that happens because this isn't always the case. I thought I would show you what I created within that time.  

My daughter had given me a photo of her (Tara Verkuilen), my GRANDdaughter (Delaina) and myself.  It is one of my prized photos.  GRANDkids can bring pure joy to your life.  In this photo what you don't  see is how tightly Delaina is grabbing our necks.  We had just finished doing a group hug when this photo was taken so she had "left over" hugging for us. On Monday when I started drawing this piece with a graphite pencil I set 3 intentions: 1. To capture the essence of the photo #2. To draw multiple people in a group #3. Not to spend alot of time on it. I believe I did just that. Yes, there are things I would change but "it is what it is".
This next piece followed on Wednesday when I decided to see what I could create with PanPastels.  After working this for I while I began to realize it just wasn't looking they way  I had envisioned it.   She was OK, just not what I wanted her to look like.  When these times roll in I hold tightly to my mantra "it is what it is".
On Thursday I went into my studio determined to redeem myself of any negative creative energy from yesterday, sorta like getting back on the saddle.   I had already textured the background when I applied gesso.   I created this next piece using a palette knife, which I am getting into.   My husband, John, is always encouraging me to be a little edgy with my art so I listened to him.  When the drawing/painting was all done I added glass beads and fiber paste to each side of her head.  (this was my "edgy" addition)  It was just what she needed.   Because there were thoughts of my tenacity from yesterday's art in my head and heart I named her "Steadfast".
Friday rolled around, I sat I my desk in my studio,  I looked over at my little "special piece of art" that has  left an impact on my heart like no other and I was energized.  READ the story here   I got out my easel board and taped artist paper to it.   I was on my way to create my very first oil painting.  Yes, I was a little nervous but there was also an assurance that embraced me.  The idea of me standing up and showing how big my brave is really created a whole new mindset.

By the end of the day, when she was 90% done,  I was beaming!  I did it!  I'm eager to do it again.  I have always wanted to use oil paints but felt a little intimidated.  Recently I met an artist, Pam, who works with oil/cold wax and I was fortunate enough to spend the entire day with her.  READ the story here She taught me alot about oil paints and without being aware she, also, instilled confidence.   After that, I signed up for an on-line class with Kelly Berkley Wrapped in Flowers.  I learned how to use oil when painting a portrait.  YES, I LOVE WORKING WITH OIL  Two of my favorite portraits artists, Kelly Berkley and Kate Thompson, are joining forces for a 5 day workshop.  I desperately  want to go! I am putting it out into the Universe to help me generate the income to go.  
Thank You from the depth of my heart for all of your encouragement and support
 as I travel down my creative path.
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