Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up of 2/23/15

My week started with a creative burst and continued through out the week.  Just love it when that happens because this isn't always the case. I thought I would show you what I created within that time.  

My daughter had given me a photo of her (Tara Verkuilen), my GRANDdaughter (Delaina) and myself.  It is one of my prized photos.  GRANDkids can bring pure joy to your life.  In this photo what you don't  see is how tightly Delaina is grabbing our necks.  We had just finished doing a group hug when this photo was taken so she had "left over" hugging for us. On Monday when I started drawing this piece with a graphite pencil I set 3 intentions: 1. To capture the essence of the photo #2. To draw multiple people in a group #3. Not to spend alot of time on it. I believe I did just that. Yes, there are things I would change but "it is what it is".
This next piece followed on Wednesday when I decided to see what I could create with PanPastels.  After working this for I while I began to realize it just wasn't looking they way  I had envisioned it.   She was OK, just not what I wanted her to look like.  When these times roll in I hold tightly to my mantra "it is what it is".
On Thursday I went into my studio determined to redeem myself of any negative creative energy from yesterday, sorta like getting back on the saddle.   I had already textured the background when I applied gesso.   I created this next piece using a palette knife, which I am getting into.   My husband, John, is always encouraging me to be a little edgy with my art so I listened to him.  When the drawing/painting was all done I added glass beads and fiber paste to each side of her head.  (this was my "edgy" addition)  It was just what she needed.   Because there were thoughts of my tenacity from yesterday's art in my head and heart I named her "Steadfast".
Friday rolled around, I sat I my desk in my studio,  I looked over at my little "special piece of art" that has  left an impact on my heart like no other and I was energized.  READ the story here   I got out my easel board and taped artist paper to it.   I was on my way to create my very first oil painting.  Yes, I was a little nervous but there was also an assurance that embraced me.  The idea of me standing up and showing how big my brave is really created a whole new mindset.

By the end of the day, when she was 90% done,  I was beaming!  I did it!  I'm eager to do it again.  I have always wanted to use oil paints but felt a little intimidated.  Recently I met an artist, Pam, who works with oil/cold wax and I was fortunate enough to spend the entire day with her.  READ the story here She taught me alot about oil paints and without being aware she, also, instilled confidence.   After that, I signed up for an on-line class with Kelly Berkley Wrapped in Flowers.  I learned how to use oil when painting a portrait.  YES, I LOVE WORKING WITH OIL  Two of my favorite portraits artists, Kelly Berkley and Kate Thompson, are joining forces for a 5 day workshop.  I desperately  want to go! I am putting it out into the Universe to help me generate the income to go.  
Thank You from the depth of my heart for all of your encouragement and support
 as I travel down my creative path.

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  1. I can honestly tell you that this post moved me to tears. Your art, and how you have grown into this, is something I have witnessed (in the last 4 years!), and I am in awe. What a gift you have, and what a blessing it is that you share it with the world. Blessings to you, dear friend!



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