Tuesday, March 3, 2015

another reason to journal

This morning I took some time to look thru old journals, written ones and art ones.  Journaling serves many purposes for me.  It's a place where I express how I am feeling or what is happening in my life,   what my heart is feeling at that moment.  If I have an issue to resolve I will often finish journaling with a resolution.   When I look back in my journals it's always a good reminder to see how far I have come.  This is especially good if I feel stuck or that I am not making any progress.  This entry was from August 2011.  It tickles me because I can actually relive how I was feeling when I first discovered I was meant to draw.   I even wrote I was convinced that I can draw people.  Here I am 3 1/2 yrs. later still working toward that dream.  There's something about re-reading this posts that gives me more incentive to keep going.  Mayber move even faster.

I did notice something... at the end of the post, after I drew her face, I wrote "I know she needs work but for my first drawing I'm frickin' excited".  I am profoundly aware that I am still saying pretty much the same thing after I draw.  It is my intention to stop saying that.
One step further I followed up with an entry in my art journal.

Thank You from the depth of my heart for all of your encouragement and support
 as I travel down my creative path.
It would not have been the same without you cheering on the sidelines.


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