Friday, December 30, 2016

My word for 2017

Ever since 2012 when I heard the concept of choosing a word for the upcoming year instead of making new year resolutions, I was sold and have been doing it ever since.  I put a lot of consideration into choosing my word.  When I feel the word is right I try not to question it's validity I just go with it.

Sit back and let me tell you a little story...

I lived in Wisconsin for a big chunk of my adult life.  Starting in my early 30's I became an avid goal setter.  I learned about this in the time I spent as a Mary Kay consultant.  I would write all my goals down on paper.  Device my 5 year plan projections broken down into smaller increments.  I made my 10 most important things to do list everyday.  I understood the law of averages and lived my life with those in mind.  I will stop with my in-depth explanation here... you get my point, right?

In my early 40's I moved to Flagstaff, AZ where I was introduced to spirituality, not religion, spirituality.  An interesting path began after I read a book called "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield.  I could go on and on about my adventures after reading this book but that would take on another whole new story.   I met some absolutely amazing people who, I am thankful to say, remain in my life today.

In my mid 40's there was a shift in my life.  I moved from Arizona to Illinois.  I was saddened to leave Arizona for several reasons.  One was I was afraid I would loose my spirituality.  Yet... I am an optimist.  Onward I went.  I clung to the idea that maybe this move was an opportunity to combine my goal setting self with my spiritual self.   As I settled into my new life, well... life happened.  What more can I say?  I can talk a good talk but the truth is I never implemented it.  I just lived my life, which by the way has been good.

I believe, from the very core of my being, that everything happens exactly when it is suppose to happen.  As I was pondering what my word for 2017 would be it came to me in a flash.   My word for 2017 is BALANCE.  It brought tears to my eyes.  This is my time to focus on blending my goal setting self with my spiritual self.

I made this piece of art that begins with:
~blending my conservative self with my free spirited self
~blending the dark times with the light times
~blending spirituality practices with actions
(click to enlarge)
Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
It wouldn't be the same without YOU!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

what a difference a year makes.

As the end of 2016 draws near I take this time to reflect back on my artful and personal life. 
Often asking myself the same proverbial questions.  
Throughout the past year it has been easy to caught up in false assumptions 
that my dreams are so far away and may never come true.
Yet when I do take an in-depth look back I unveil an 
appreciation and deep satisfaction in my progress.
This feeling fuels me and propels me forward.
(click to enlarge)

I ask myself, "Why does it matter?"
I find this answer not an easy one to articulate.
The simple verbal response is to say that I am
using my gift, from God, of creating art.
February 2011, there was a pivotal moment.
I never knew that I could paint or draw until that time.
Creating art has changed my life.

I believe we are all creative yet we doubt ourselves 
and hesitate to let our creative spirit out to play.

PLEASE NOTE:   You can read all my entries that chronicle my creative journeyat the side bar of this blog under All Posts-Now & Then.

Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
I couldn't do this without YOU!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Friday, December 2, 2016

What have I been up to? I've been asked.

My life shifted a little after my husband, John, had major surgery on October 31st. 
(he's doing remarkably well now)
By his side, in the hospital, is where I chose to be.  
From time to time I would pull out my sketchbook and draw.
I found comfort in those brief moments spent with my creative self.
John was released from the hospital November 6.  We were both eager for him to come home.  
"there's no place like home"

 Mid November I was honored to be part of Art on Elm exhibit where I could display some of my art.
I have squeezed in time incorporating encaustic medium into several custom pieces. 
I'm loving it!

Currently John is feeling stronger, moving around more, becoming more independent, and less needy of my assistance.
That means its time for me to go into my studio and welcome back all the creative muses.
Yet when I actually entered into my studio I was stymied, not sure where to begin.  
I have felt this feeling before.
I knew it was simply resistance holding me back. 
My priority became to overcome it.
I picked up a piece of water color paper, grabbed a soft brush, pulled out my pan pastels,  and painted this fine young lady.
She isn't perfect by any means which is quite OK with me.
The whole point was just to begin and that I did.
I overcame my resistance.

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