Friday, December 2, 2016

What have I been up to? I've been asked.

My life shifted a little after my husband, John, had major surgery on October 31st. 
(he's doing remarkably well now)
By his side, in the hospital, is where I chose to be.  
From time to time I would pull out my sketchbook and draw.
I found comfort in those brief moments spent with my creative self.
John was released from the hospital November 6.  We were both eager for him to come home.  
"there's no place like home"

 Mid November I was honored to be part of Art on Elm exhibit where I could display some of my art.
I have squeezed in time incorporating encaustic medium into several custom pieces. 
I'm loving it!

Currently John is feeling stronger, moving around more, becoming more independent, and less needy of my assistance.
That means its time for me to go into my studio and welcome back all the creative muses.
Yet when I actually entered into my studio I was stymied, not sure where to begin.  
I have felt this feeling before.
I knew it was simply resistance holding me back. 
My priority became to overcome it.
I picked up a piece of water color paper, grabbed a soft brush, pulled out my pan pastels,  and painted this fine young lady.
She isn't perfect by any means which is quite OK with me.
The whole point was just to begin and that I did.
I overcame my resistance.


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