Thursday, May 21, 2020

Unique and Original Tea Bag Art

For three years, every week on Tuesday I have painted a portrait on a 4.5" x 5.5" tea bag.  Since I drink ice tea and I had accumulated many tea bags I figured why not paint on them.  This became, and continues to be,  a regular part of my art practice.   Thus Tea Bag Art Tuesday was born.  I create a portrait on a tea bag and post in on the Facebook and Instagram each Tuesday.  To date I have 167 paintings.  I primarily paint soulful female portraits.  I've been asked why paint only female portraits.  I'm not sure how to answer that but the best answers I can come up with is that 1st-I am a female and 2nd-I love the non-verbal messages that can be conveyed thru a woman's eyes and the subtle look on her face.  Eyes are mirrors into your soul.

I made several YouTube videos click this link to watch my process.  I have been told... "one of the reasons I feel in love with your art is when I watched it unfold".  This happens to be one of my favorite things about other artist is when I can see them work.   Learn more about who they are and what about being an artist ignites in them.

In the last two weeks I have been asked by several people if I would ever sell my Tea Bag Art.   I always knew I would eventually sell them but I just didn't know when.   I believed the right time would come.   Having several people ask me the same question within a short period of time  I took it as the sign that NOW was the time.   I activated my plan of how to frame them then my husband, John, and I have busily been making these frames.
I am so excited to offer my original Tea Bag Art to you now.
FREE shipping in the US.
Each piece is original 6" x 7" * framed * ready to hang


Here is an original Tea Bag Art before and after it was framed.

Below is the lists of available Tea Bag Art.  They will be framed when ordered.
Have fun shopping!

How to order:
*Send an email to me at
*Tell me which piece(s) you want - give me the number under the painting
*Provide your email address and I will send an PayPal invoice
(you can make other arrangements)
*Provide your name and mailing address

If you have any questions please let me know.
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