Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up of 3/2/15

As they say "time flies when you are having fun". 
I have been as busy as a beaver.
I spent one whole day with my GRANDson.  He sure is fun to have around and to talk to.  It's still amazes me what comes out of his mouth.  What he says sometimes stops me in my tracks because I am laughing so hard.  

Last week I spent another whole day with my artist friend, Pam, learning more about cold wax and oil.  Good stuff!  She is what I would call  a "seasoned artist" and is very eager to share what she knows.  She has met her match because I am just as eager to learn.  And learning is exactly what I am doing.  Here is the beginning of a cold wax and oil painting I started.  It's only in the beginning stage but I wanted to share it anyway.  With cold wax and oil you have to allow time between the layers for drying.  So you do a little, then wait, then do a little more, then wait some more.  It's actually therapeutic and teaches patience.  This piece I titled  "Sedona Rising".
I've had several custom orders that I have been working on, as well.  Those always bring a smile to my face.  
This weekend I began tackling re-vamping my website.  So I have been sitting at my desk and my butt is starting to get sore.   Time to get up and get moving.

She was just a little curious to see 
if the grass was greener on the other side.
I did make it a priority to take the time to create another piece of art that wasn't already designated to go somewhere.  This is 9x12 using acrylic paint on water color paperr, matted and ready for someone to take her home.  Is that person you?
The headband and nail polish was inspired by my GRANDdaughter.  The funny part is she recognized the headband, too.
Thank You for your support and encouragement.

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  1. Hi there!!! From another late I found you thru Jennibellie and just wanted to say hi! Hugs! deb



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