Wednesday, June 20, 2012

let me show you

Lately I been creatively busy and it's just the way I like it.  That, also, includes projects with deadlines.  I wanted to show you one project I have been working on. 

Me and 27 other artists will be doing a collaborative journal project.  We were given 2 watercolor pages that measured 15" wide x 11" high.  My initial response when I opened the envelope and saw how big the pages were I thought,  "what have I committed myself to?"  (I'm sure you guys have experienced the feeling sometime in your life.)  Then I started planning in my head my exit strategy.  It took me about a day to recommit to the project and once again overcome what appeared to be FEAR. 

The project is to be two pages facing each other that will go into a book.  The theme is to be an expression of why or what we love to create.  Here's my final piece. 

It sums up how I began my creative journey.  I just decided to begin and "bloom where I was planted".


  1. I LOVE IT - it is amazing! You really have a special gift! I think I will want to get that book when it's published!

    Love, Debbie



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