Saturday, May 11, 2019

Blessed and filled with gratitude.

I have been blessed this past week!
I am filled with gratitude!
 In my heart I want to explode and tell you guys in depth all the details of everything I am feeling and why yet when it comes to the written word I lack in confidence.  I don't seem to find the right words.  So when I made the first two sentences in larger print just know there is a lot of heartfelt-ness that goes along with it.

On Wednesday I posted about being offered a solo art show, which is super cool.  Here's the link.
I SOLD 2 pieces of art.

It feels so good when people connect with my art, after all, you are my motivation and driving force.
Then we my art is purchase it I overflow with gratitude!  Seriously... tears and all!!!
It took me a while but now I realize that selling my art is part of the equation to continue being an artist.

Here are the two pieces that have found a new home.
Rise Up Toward the Light 
STEADFAST (like a tree)

I finished two pieces of new art.
The first one has been added to my website.  The other one will be added when after it's titled.   I am waiting on it to be revealed to me.
"And So It Is"
16" x 20" x 3/4"
gallery wrapped canvas
$260.00 includes US shipping
IF interested, let me know
not titled yet
22" x 28" x 3/4"
gallery wrapped canvas
IF interested, let me know

I have a piece from 2018 that became one of the 9 finalist chosen for the Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine.  I fused the canvas onto textured wood and added more interest.  She's done and will be heading to my website soon.

12" x 12" x 1/2"
canvas on wood
$180,00 includes US shipping
IF interested, let me know
Thank You for your continued support and encouragement.


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