Sunday, July 10, 2016

Drawing with Palo Santos incense.

This marks Day #7 of a drawing each day.
One of the subjects I have been very hesitant to draw is older women.  That was, until today.
I woke up filled with vim and vigor to overcome this resistance.  
I hopped on the internet and searched goggle images to found this older woman who appears to be European and wearing a babushka.  
(I could be totally wrong about my description of her but that's what I see.)  
What caught my attention was the expressiveness in her eyes.  
She has lived a long life~I could almost feel the depth of that life within her eyes.  
What a feat it would be to capture that depth!
I started off the initial sketch by using the end of my Palo Santos incense stick.  
I'd burn it for a while then after it cooled I drew with it.
Secretly I was hoping for some mystical assistance as I began my drawing.

I, also, used charcoal pencil and water color pencil is what I used for the babushka.
I thought you might like to see the reference photo.

Thank You for your support & encouragement.


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