Wednesday, January 18, 2012

where did my inspiration come from?

I've been asked by several people where my inspiration came from for my latest piece, "Hello There".

It was only recently that I learned to open my eyes and see things that are around me as inspirations.  Just to take a moment and look a little deeper.  To ask myself what I like about this or that and perhaps incorporate it in my art.  This piece is probably one of the first times I truly used that concept. 

All I knew is I wanted to do something whimsical.  What came to mind was the picture I had taken
 of my sister, Linda, several years ago.   Everytime I take her picture she makes a face of some sort, usually crossing her eyes.  I loved her crossed eyes and expression she had on her face, it was as if something just landed on the tip of her nose. Which prompted me to photoshop a butterfly on her nose.   I sent her this card, which made her smile.    
I find my  most challenging part of drawing/painting a face is doing the hair.  To make this part a little less painful I decided to put a hat on her head.  I found this photo. I liked the hat but I just couldn't draw it to get it to look right.This was about the time the my whole painting started going south.  Click here to see the details.  And the chanting began..."there's no mistakes in art".  I decided to go out on a limb a try to draw a hat that would be a little more youthful. That reminded me of a nice summer day.

When it came to the background I remembered this top I had.  The main reason I was attracted to this top was the softness of the flowers and the rich colors.  I love the purple and yellow colors together with the little pink flowers floating around.

Now that I am learning to see things differently I'm already looking for my next inspirations

Let me know what inspires you to create?  I really am interested in hearing your stories.


  1. hello, hello
    and thanks for the smiles
    as I've wandered around
    your site,
    grinning and grateful:)
    (LOVE your I believe I can fly!)

  2. You know me, nature just beckons me to take photos, and sometimes there will be a leaf or a pile of snow, something out there that just inspires. When I was doing my Thirty Days journal, that little bird that appeared became another inspiration from within...and I think she is about to reappear.

    I am just thrilled to see how you are growing as a person, and how that is reflected in your painting!

    9And, by the way, I'm in the Mondo Beyondo class right now.)

  3. How fascinating! It's good that you are paying attention to that around you. I can't wait to see your next inspiration:)

  4. Thanks for sharing that- it all makes so much sense and seems simple, but I could never end up with the beautiful art you do. Keep it up!



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