Saturday, July 21, 2012

from sketch to reality

It's funny to see what my original thought was for a painting and then to see what it actually came to be.  That could be a metaphor for life, couldn't it?   Anyway, I did this quick sketch in the early spring knowing I wanted to draw/paint her at a later date.  I remember I had been singing that day (thank goodness no one was listening) and realized how uplifted it made me feel.  When you sing you are "in the moment" and you seem to not have any cares.  I think this drawing sorta resembles Carole Burnett as a character she would have played in her sitcom.  I use to watch her faithfully.  I thought she was a stitch! 
Several days ago I thought it was time for me to draw her.  I had fun drawing her yet as you can see she isn't much like my previous sketch.  That's OK.  The first one was just a reminder sketch.  She is singing and she has curly hair.  When I first started her hair my husband made a sour look on his face as it to say, "it's not looking so good".  I had to agree with him, then remind myself that there is not mistake in art.  I think she turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.


  1. Very talented Teresa. I remember Carol Burnett well also. Seems like so long ago. :)



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