Wednesday, August 24, 2016

happy as a lark

I am truly
right about now.
Let me tell you why!
This morning I went into my studio without any preconceived ideas as to what I was going to do while I was in there.
I started as I usually do by checking out FaceBook and reading/responding to emails.

* I got up from my chair *
* Grabbed my charcoal *
* Went to my easel *
* Started drawing this lady.

You may be wondering, "What makes this so different than all the other drawings I do, regularly."
This is why...
On this very day I have overcome 2 major resistances.
#1- This is a 24" x 24" inch canvas that I've had on my easel for many months now.  
I've added paint to it  hoping that would spur me on.
I usually paint/draw much smaller than this.
#2.  I have been wanting to start drawing bigger and looser.  
Here I have overcome drawing bigger

You see... 
It's the simple things in life that can make a person happy.

I'll be sure to show you when she's done.

Thank You for all of your support and encouragement.
I couldn't do this without YOU!

1 comment :

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