Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Who Am I?

It begins with a single step.

No plans - got out my journal - added a coat of paint - I ripped a page from the newspaper, while the paint was still wet I laid the paper down on the page and transferred it - I let it dry a little then I removed the newspaper. 
My background is ready.
Look to our  right side of the page, notice the strips of paper I couldn't remove?  
This is known as a "happy accident".  
They add more character to the piece.
I grabbed  a reference photo - set the timer for 20 min. - and off I went with charcoal in my hand.  
After the timer went off I added color with PanPastel to her blouse.

I'm wanting to improve with my portraitures so I came up with a way that you can help me with that.
Who's is this person?
The first person to tell me who she is in the comment section will win a prize from me.
The only clue I will give is...
She's been on TV for multiple seasons.
~ READY ~ SET ~ GO ~


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