Monday, July 1, 2013

good news angels

OK everyone out there, who is listening, I am going to share something with you that has been extremely near and dear to my heart since 1993.   Whew!  That is 20 years ago!  These " little angels" came to me in a dream and I had to get out of bed to sketch them, within a few weeks I had started making them.  I would sell them at craft shows  and anywhere I possibly could.  I had a mission because I believed in the message they carried.  I still do!  It's almost as if it's part of who I am.
In October 2012, these little angels popped back into my head.  You can read about it here.  The message was loud and clear, "I was to bring them back".  I set out with good intentions and here it is now 9 months later.  Now I know why I like the saying, "give a slow beginner and I'll show you a winner".  These little angels are taking flight  in a little shop in Indiana called Great Finds.  My husband, John, proudly made the stand re-purposing an old coat tree.  He did a great job, too!   

I have another idea that come to me in a dream of how to bring a smile to someone's face.  It warms my heart when I think about it.  I am in the midst of creating a website (experiencing a learning curve) as part of my plan.  will definitely let you know when it is a go.  I wanted to put this bit of info out there as a way to spur me on.  I would not define myself as a procrastinator but I have noticed a lag between my ideas and the fruition.  


  1. Yay! When will a display be in my shop? I'm soooooooo happy for you!

  2. Yipee!
    I have been waiting to hear about this. You go girl!



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