Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sedona calls to me

John and I recently returned from our annual Sedona, AZ trip.  What a place!  We love it there!!!  So much to see and many trails to take and to feast your eyes on Sedona's beauty.  John is always commenting on when you look at the red rocks and walk even a short distance away you can see something different.  
Every morning we put on our hiking boots, walking sticks in our hands, and we are off for an adventure.  My daughter still has a hard time believing I actually do hike and climb as much as I do.  There's something about Sedona that brings it out of me.  The first morning out was a chilly one.  Our choices were to climb in the shade, Doe Mountain, or in the sun, Bear Mountain.   Because it was so chilly I opted to climb in the sun. (in hindsight I should have thought about it just a little bit more.)  Doe Mt. vs. Bear Mt.-you can guess where this is headed.  Can't you?  We are walking and climbing, walking and climbing.  I looked up and thought "this isn't going to be too hard".  Boy was I ever kidding myself.  What I was looking at was a small hill.  There was a wee part of me that wanted to talk John into turning around.  I had to turn off the chatter in my head so I started to see this hike as a metaphor of life -  just keep putting one foot in front of the other, stop and take a breath if needed but just keep going.  In this photo we are not even half way up to the top .  Little did I know that getting to the top was a very steep incline.  But butt and my legs were burning by the time I got to the top!  

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL VIEW IT WAS FROM THE TOP.  We were so high up that we were actually in some clouds.   We later learned that Bear Mountain s 1,800' up and is considered one of the most strenuous hikes.  It took us 3 hrs. to get up there and 1 hr.  45min. to come down.  
Bear Mountain will forever remind not to look at how difficult something can be just break it down into manageable pieces and get on with it.  The view will be worth it from the other side.  After that hike we went straight to the hot tub!  
The next day we climbed Devil's Bridge which was very beautiful, too.  It was like one big photo shoot. Everyone up there took turns walking out onto this narrow rock formation that resembled a bridge.  And whoever was on the other side would take the picture.  We met people from all over. 

My ultra favorite spot is Bell Rock.  We usually save this until the end of our trip because it is so special to me.  I climb  about two thirds of the way up  to sit on"my" rock and meditate.  John continues up further while I just sit in silence.  Oh what a peaceful feeling, I can't even explain it.  Down below on the flat landing was a woman who was doing a spiritual dance and another group of women doing yoga.  I can close my eyes right now and my heart & soul is transported there.

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  1. WOW! What an awesome trip! Thanks for sharing it with us:)



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