Friday, November 15, 2013


There has been times in my life when circumstances presented themselves and I chose not to do anything.  The main reason I chose to stay stagnate was out of fear.  Afraid of this or afraid of that.  When the situation(s) changed and I was forced to do what I had feared the most I was amazingly surprised how empowered I became.  Thus success followed.

I so want to get the point where I choose to fly from the nest instead of waiting until I am pushed to learn how well I can fly.  I feel the stirring of change rising.

Share your stories with me of times when you displayed courage.  
I really do want to hear them.

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  1. Oh, so many times I have had that discouragement. It comes all too often and then I think I"m alone but I know I'm not. Others have faced it, too, and come through okay. Lately, it's been all about this second half of life and learning to be true to who I really am.

    Recently I went to a wonderful retreat with just seven other gals. We shared our stories. And our tears. And fear and wounds. And we found that we were all so alike in so many ways. And then we knew that it was all okay. We shared our stories and the healing began.

    Just fly. Push from that edge and go. You are strong and you can do this.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs....



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